September Book Club: How Art Can Make You Happy

How Art Can Make You Happy

How Art Can Make You Happy

September is upon us, readers! Schedules often get busy, so we’ve got a short gem of a book for you to read. But small as it may be, this is a book that has BIG impact. Do you love art, but feel unknowledgeable? Do you want to engage in art somehow, but don’t know where to start? How Art Can Make You Happy by Bridget Watson Payne shares just that and more! Payne unlocks what art can do for you, yes YOU. It can make you feel something, it can help you relate to others, it can bring awareness to the world around us. Follow along with @larsbookclub as we dive into art in a personal, relatable way. It’s a quick yet powerful read! Join us!

Stay tuned for fabulous artwork and questions later in the month! And take a peek at previous months here.

Photography by Jane Merritt


  1. I love using the library, but none of the books presented here are at the library. Hmmm, not sure why. Maybe in the future, find books that are at the library. Thanks


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