The Green and Blue Chapters

Green and Blue Chapters

We’re keeping the color train going with our ode to green and blue this week in honor of the release of My Life In Color, our new prompted journal. All aboard! Who are my green/blue lovers?  We’ve been having a great conversation about color on our Instagram (head on over to check it out!) where I’m also sharing interiors and styles inspired by the colors. It’s making for quite the feast for the eyes. Join us as I show you how I’m filling out my own copy. You can see the red/pink chapters here and yellow/orange here

It’s a tough decision, but I think the green chapter is my favorite in both Craft the Rainbow and here in My Life In Color. I love the way that all the various shades of greens work together. There’s something so refreshing about green–maybe it’s because it’s the color of foliage and gardens. On the other hand, blue was my favorite color as a girl. I think it was because of the grunge of the early 90s and inspired my love of navy. I’ve since replaced it with a love of more grey/blues and I especially love wearing it. I’ve noticed that a good portion of my closet is blue.

One of the prompts in the book is below:

Green and Blue Chapters

Make a list of places, near and far, that you’d love to visit at some point. Here’s my list. What’s on yours?

Green and Blue Chapters

And one thing I’ve been loving for the journal is the picture section, where you take a picture of something in the color of the chapter and glue it in. Well, remember #DressTheRainbow from 2015? I dressed up in a color, took a picture with a friend against the same colored wall. I have a treasure trove of pictures that I get to work with. Here’s my friend, Natalie, above.
Green and Blue Chapters Green and Blue Chapters Green and Blue Chapters Green and Blue Chapters Green and Blue Chapters Green and Blue Chapters Green and Blue Chapters Green and Blue Chapters Green and Blue Chapters Green and Blue Chapters Green and Blue Chapters

Ok! I’d love to see how YOU’RE filling out yours! Tag it with #MyLifeInColorBook and I’ll be sharing some of my favorites on Instagram!

Photos by Jane Merritt


    I am sure you are going to love my country.
    So many old (well preserved!) buildings, great food (especially fish), beautiful nature (miles and miles of coast with fabulous beaches), friendly people and so many cultural events. Even Madonna loves to live here :p
    Lots of blue, I garantee! Not only sky and ocean but also FADO, typical music that can make you cry even if you don’t understand a word of Portuguese 😉


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