The Pink and Red Chapters

Pink and Red Chapter Last week we featured the rainbow chapter of My Life in Color and this week we’re focusing on the first two chapters of the book, the pink and red chapters. I wanted to give a you a glimpse into the book and how I’ve been using it myself. And I’m sharing one of my favorite answers from a question in the pink chapter.
Pink and Red Chapter

Pink and Red Chapter

First off, I think my favorite section in each chapter is the “scrapbook” part where you can affix items into three blank pages according to color. Your bright pink ticket stub from the Cooper Hewitt? Taped in the pink section! Or your red movie theater ticket to see La La Land? Oh, you better believe it’s glue in there. I love seeing how you can arrange it all according to color! Pink and Red Chapter Pink and Red Chapter Pink and Red Chapter

I added in a line about Monet’s house in France into the dream home section. Did you know his house was pink??? I went to Giverny as a 13 year old on tour with the Orange County Junior Orchestra (I play the cello ;). Since I was very little I was absolutely in awe of Monet. I think everyone is right? But I had an large Impressionism book that I would devour. I also wrote a school report of him and every chance I could get, I was writing about him! Well, when I got the itinerary of our trip and noticed we were not only going there but PERFORMING there, I had pretty much died and gone to heaven. Like, life could have ended and I would have been happy as a clam! And we did! We performed right there at his gardens and it was life changing. In fact, I remember it was so hot that the tar that we were playing on was so soft and the endpin of my cello was melting into it. I never cleaned it off because it was such a lovely memento! As a 13 year old I was floored that pink could look so beautiful, especially set in such lovely grounds. It was a dreamland to me. I got to revisit a couple of years ago and it was just as beautiful as I remembered. That, and I couldn’t help but think how much work it was to maintain!
Pink and Red Chapter

And you know what? My dream home is very close to this experience that I had as a teenager. Isn’t it amazing how those experiences play such a large role in your tastes as an adult?
Pink and Red Chapter

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Photography by Jane Merritt


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