Orange and Yellow

Welcome to yellow and orange week here at Lars. Every week for the next few weeks we are focusing on two adjacent colors of the rainbow in honor of the release of My Life In Color, our new guided journal. Join us as I show you how I’m filling out my own copy. You can see the red/pink chapters here

Yellow just miiiiight be my favorite color. Maybe? It’ consistently the one I choose as a pop whether it’s in a craft project, or a home accent decor. And I’ll very likely be wearing it on any given day. It’s just so refreshing!
Orange and Yellow

I even the first time I fell in love with yellow…

…I had been living in Brazil for a year and a half, cut off from anything that was going on in the US, most noticeably to my outdated wardrobe, style. As a missionary for my church, I was using clothes that didn’t need much ironing and had only been hand-washed and air dried for way too long so they were stiff and slightly smelly. Ok, a LOT smelly. Many were handed down to me because at some point you just get desperate for ANYTHING new and your sense of decency is lost because everything at some point looks “awesome.” My clothes were in terrible condition, not to mention, they were not exactly….how do you say…cute.

Well, when I returned home after the year and a half, my family and friends greeted me at the airport (well, funny story, they weren’t when I arrived, but that’s a story for another day), and my sister was wearing a mustard knitted jacket. I had never seen such a gorgeous shade of yellow before and I was hooked. It was as if I was Dorothy exiting Kansas and arriving at the Emerald City–black and white now to exuberant color. 13 years later, I still view that shade of mustard as a pivotal experience in my color development, if we can call it that. I’m still drawn to the color and attach myself to it whenever I can,Orange and Yellow

And the thing is, I love all shades of yellow. Orange and Yellow Orange and Yellow Orange and Yellow

Lately, I find myself drawn to orange in a BIG WAY. It’s not the shade of an orange fruit, but the lovely rust orange that you’re seeing everywhere. I have the color in shoes, a dress, pants, etc. Paired with a navy and a blush pink, even a dab of forest green, and it’s so good! Come back later to see how I’m using the color in real life! Orange and Yellow

What are YOUR associations with the color yellow and orange? Love them or hate them? And why?!

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Photography by Jane Merritt