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Design trends for 2020

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  • Becky says

    “starting to remember that color exists” Are we finally seeing the end of white walls / white cupboards / white fireplaces / white furniture / entire-house-is-white? I’ve been waiting, what, 20 years for that to go away. Looking forward to the return of color in our homes!

  • Mollie Blackwood says

    Definitely into murals and stripes!

    Random question…. You don’t have any photo creds for your mood boards. Are they all your photos? I ask because I have a small personal design focused blog (I make no money, no advertisement, etc) where I share inspiration (very similar to trend roundups, color palettes). Twice, I have had lawyers on behalf of photographers contact me for copyright infringement. Of course, I take the images down but then I see bigger blogs like yourself and wonder.