Design trends for 2020

We love staying ahead of the trend game, but we also love seeing the trends that other people love to dig into. In general, our team keeps an internal trend board, but seeing some of our online friends share theirs (looking at you Jungalow and Simply Grove!), we thought we’d share our trend predictions for 2020.

Of course, there’s nothing worse than feeling bound to a specific rule. To clarify, these aren’t rules, or have-tos, but more of an observation and general excitement for what’s going on in the design world right now, in fashion, home decor, and product design.

Without further ado, here are our trend predictions for 2020 and we’d love to hear what you’re excited about to. Share your thoughts in the comments!

Lars Design Trends for 2020

In talking trends, we acknowledge the larger trends that drive the micro trends. Here’s what we’re noticing:

Historical Patterns

For example, there’s a nod to historical patterns resurfacing and those are the following:


Gingham has been popping back up and we can’t get enough of it! Though I’ve always love a good gingham, I’m especially loving it in new settings like modern clothing shapes and in refreshing palettes.


Indian Block Print

I’ve been spotting some gorgeous block prints recently but it seems to be picking up steam and we are not mad about it! They are coming in refreshing color palettes and with additional adornment.

80s and 90s florals

Of course we are always¬†into a good floral pattern, but now we’re noticing more Laura Ashley vibes. Yes please!


Once again, a nod to history repeats itself with Ancient motifs of the Greek and Roman sort and even the neoclassical. We see that through classical sculptures in new forms (think Luke Edward Hall’s new book, Greco Disco), or little dashes of classic Wedgwood, which pays homage to the classic Greek vases.


Our favorite observation from 2019, and one we think will be big in 2020 is scallops. Did anyone notice it in Greta Gerwig’s costumes in Little Women?! We love how this trend is making its way into every aspect–fashion, home decor, furniture.


While stripes might always be in fashion, we’re noticing a particular use of them right now but in bright and happy colors.


Large scale one of a kind artwork is making its way into walls on buildings but also interiors. We love the chance to go big!

Head to toe Colorful Design

Speaking of murals, while we have always been fans of colors, we’re noticing that the Scandinavian minimalism that started out in the early 2000s is not reaching its max and people are starting to remember that color exists. They’re also remembering that interiors there is power in details, and not just sweeping white walls. A return to decorative and ornamental details is returning–hooray! Think moldings, wallpapers, padding in a variety of textures. Think the sky’s the limit–true maximalism! We did a post on some of our favorite interior designers who are using color and detail.

Ok! That’s our list for now! Of course, there are many more trends that we are loving, but we’ll keep it here for now. We’d love to hear your favorite trends of the moment. What’s making your heart tick?¬†


  1. “starting to remember that color exists” Are we finally seeing the end of white walls / white cupboards / white fireplaces / white furniture / entire-house-is-white? I’ve been waiting, what, 20 years for that to go away. Looking forward to the return of color in our homes!


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