Creative things to do during your Quarantine and SALE

I know you’ve been hearing it left and right and perhaps it’s the only thing on your brain (like mine!), but I had to write to you, our dear readers, and express my thoughts about the state of our world as influenced by COVID-19 and how we are navigating it here at The House That Lars Built.

As makers that churn out daily content for hundreds of thousands of people, we are in a unique position to provide resources AND optimism (hopefully both at the same time!). We’ve been so inspired by other artists out there who are offering their resources free of charge (and we’re sharing some of our favorites below and on Instastories!) during this period of social distancing and lockdown. I’ve been wanting so badly to add to the generosity.

In full transparency, we are a team of 8 and have already felt the drastic impact of the economy on our small business, which has caused me to figure out how we can contribute to the heart and soul of our changed world. The truth is, the reason we CAN create so much beautiful content is because I’ve slowly been working towards a business model that can sustain a talented team who believes in our mission, which is to teach, inspire, and encourage creativity.

With that in mind, our hearts are full and our generosity is overflowing and we are offering 40% off our entire Printables and Templates shop until the end of the month. We like to call it “Quarantine Creativity” (we thought Quarantine Qreativity was a little too much ;). We hope that you can find a project or two or three that will fill your life with hope, optimism, and healing because we believe that making things with your hands has the power to do all those things.

In addition to this sale, we will be sending you each a free coloring printable everyday for the next 30 days, from our coloring books found here. We will send the code for this free downloads through our newsletter, so click here to sign up in time for our daily downloads starting tomorrow!

I’ve been buoyed up by those who are finding hope in the uncertainty and I find joy in being able to provide these resources for you.

As always, we would love to see how what you are making with your Quarantine Time. Please join in our community by commenting on our Instagram and tagging your projects with #LarsMakes.

Crafts Ideas During Social Distancing

While you are practicing social distancing or quarantine, crafting can help you and your kids use your hands, quiet the stress, and explore your creativity in a way you may not always have time to! In addition to our 40% sale and free coloring page downloads, we want to make all of our tutorials as accessible as possible for your during this time.

Below we have organized some of our favorite projects by age group. You may already have the supplies on hand to complete many of these crafts, and if not we linked basic craft supplies you can have at your door in no time. We promise, having craft supplies on hand will make your quarantine go much smoother! And if that is too overwhelming, some of these projects only need to be printed off and they are ready to go!

Projects by age

We know many of have suddenly found yourself with all of your kids at home, trying to keep up with their schooling while not going crazy. Therefore, many of the projects below are not only fun but educational!

Toddler & Preschool

Start their art history knowledge off early with this DIY Matisse felt board. After that, your kids can even dress up as their favorite picture book, and act it out for the family! With our If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and our Giving Tree costume tutorials.

Elementary School

Even a travel ban can’t keep you from taking a day trip to Paris and back during lunch break! These Paris placemats are the perfect way to turn lunch time into a history and geography lesson. Or dive more than surface deep with your homeschooling and learn all about whales with the help of this stuffed whale template!

Middle School

Did school just get cancelled for 4-6 (or more, ah!) weeks? Sounds like you won’t be using your paper lunch bags for a while. Put them to use and make these colorful lunch bag honeycomb fans!

Did your 8th grader’s biology class get cancelled? No problem, switch them over to the science of horticulture for the next few weeks. This paper template has a great range of plants to get your child excited about using their green thumb. Next, they might even be asking to weed your garden for you, who knows!

Is your daughter’s BFF feeling a little under the weather? Use our friendship bracelet tutorial above to have her make a special gift, add our downloadable friendship cards and her her doorbell ditch a gift to cheer her buddy up!

High School

Your Sophomore might be feeling a little on edge with the news about prom being cancelled. However, projects like this rope necklace or clay hair clips will cheer them up and keep them busy.

For you!

You also deserve some creative time during all of this craziness. Setting aside even an hour to use your hands and make something new is sure to cure cabin fever. Now if only it could cure the virus!

Can’t get out to the grocery story for some fresh flowers? But you’re longing for something fresh and pretty to look at? Our paper flower tutorials are the perfect project to tackle with all this new-found time on your hands.

Projects for the whole family to do together

Learn about the presidents (and learn new embroidery skills) with our Heirloom E-book doll project. After that, Send some love postcards to grandparents you can’t visit right now.

Basic Craft Supplies

Click here for our favorite basic craft supplies on Amazon!

Other creative resources during quarantine

It’s amazing to see the creative community going all out for those who have to stay in. In addition to ours, here are some resources from other creatives doing great things.

Know of any others? Send them over! Would love to add to the list!


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