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A Life Well Lived

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  • Xanthe says

    I can completely relate to this. I’m a mum to four kids and I’ve felt creatively blocked and stagnant for a while. I’ve realised that having a life that revolves solely around creating (or sub in whatever your work is for you) isn’t healthy. We need to get outside our immediate sphere and do other things, and then I think that’s where we find the joie de vivre…? I’ve been gardening outdoors and have just redone our veggie garden for the year (it’s Spring here now) and finding that time away is like a little reset. A rest. A little holiday without taking a holiday… (Seeing the little plants growing and thriving is almost like a little reward too, when business can be hard and unrelentingly unrewarding.) I think as we enjoy life in its fullness we also find inspiration…? I don’t know – I’m a work in progress! I’ve spent all day trying to write a marketing plan and figure out whether I should keep trying to make a go of my creative business. I’ve recently found your blog again and you’re very inspiring. From one creative to another, I see you. Thanks for all the hard work that I know you put into it.