22nd day of Christmas crafts: hand-painted adornments

Only two more days left of Christmas crafts…we can do it, we can do it, we can do it.

Your holiday gifts are going to be special, and we believe the wrapping should be too! Today we have these hand-painted bows for all of your gift wrapping needs. This one is super simple and will show that you put a lot of time into the gift!

Read below for the details and more Christmas craft ideas!

It’s almost Christmas! That means it’s time to wrap up presents! Who says you can’t put some extra time into your gift wrapping? We’re all about creating beautiful wrapping here at Lars. These hand-painted adornments will make your gifts extra special this season. Plus, there are SO many different ways to paint your bows. Let your imagination run wild!
I saw these bows on some beautiful wrapping and decided to try it out on some of the gift bags I did for Oh Happy Day (see the gift bag tutorial here). I love the trompe l’oeil effect it creates. You could do a bunch of bows at the same time for lots of gifts. These hand-painted adornments also work for birthdays and other gift-giving celebrations!

DIY hand-painted adornments


  • Paper
  • Paint of your choice
  • Scissors


These hand-painted adornments are super simple! Cut out the shape of your bow and paint it to your desired effect (you can use the photos above as a reference). Get creative with it! If you want to get REALLY fancy, try painting patterns on your bow. Match them with your gift wrap or stylishly mismatch them! However you want to do it, your hand-painted adornments will make your gift wrap that much more detailed. Attach your bows to your gift with tape or glue. And done! You’ve taken your gift wrap up a notch.

You can check out some of our Lars wrapping paper in the Christmas shop!

More Christmas crafts

I know it’s super close to Christmas, but if you’re anything like me and still want to create Christmas crafts, we’ve got some easy ideas for you! We’re already 22 days into December, so we’ve had quite a bit of time for our Christmas crafts challenge. Some favorites from this challenge are these DIY glitter trees, this berry wreath, and these snowflake jar toppers.

For some fun and easy Christmas gift ideas, check out our DIY Christmas poppers! Fill them with candy or trinkets and give them to your friends and family! You could even attach some small hand-painted adornments onto these. You can check out more fun gift ideas (like these ornaments) and printables in the Lars shop!



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