Chandelier Christmas tree

We’ve got some of the most enchanting Christmas tree inspiration for you today. Just LOOK at this chandelier Christmas tree! Gah! I was lucky enough to see it in person and show you all of the creative details up close!

See below for more pictures of this amazing Christmas tree!

This chandelier Christmas tree is truly incredible. It’s eclectic and vintage and filled with greenery?! What more could you ask for in a not-so-ordinary Christmas tree? If this were in my house, I’d want to leave it up all year. Not only is this chandelier tree a showstopper, but it also has so many cool details! Read below for the story and pictures of this amazing work of art!
Let me tell you about my friend Mary. She’s been kind enough to allow me into her home on numerous occasions where I’ve plundered her place for props for this and that. I even shot the West Elm dinner table in her studio (remember?). And, she might be the most clever and creative person I’ve met.
She has a way of thinking that takes an ordinary object into something magical. Like this here Christmas tree. Of course, it’s not a tree, but multiple chandeliers piled on top of each other and bedazzled with greenery and brassy objects from around the house. Like lobsters and mushrooms and taxidermy and baby Jesus.
She posted a picture of this tree on Instagram and I had to come see it for myself. I brought along Trisha to take some pictures.

Chandeliers! Greenery! Baby Jesus! You guys, the level of cleverness just amazes me. Thank you Mary for letting me show off your creation. If I could be half as clever…

More Christmas tree inspiration and holiday decorations

Ok, I know this chandelier Christmas tree is hard to beat. But we’ve rounded up a ton of different tree decoration styles! From florals to tinsel to more traditional ornaments, there’s something for everyone! You can check out the full post here.

Don’t have room for a big chandelier Christmas tree? Put your creative skills to work with these mini Christmas tree crafts including these glitter trees, flapper trees, and a Lars favorite, these bottlebrush trees!

Christmas tree accessories can always be crafted! We have tutorials for this paper candle ornament, family heirloom ornament, and this applique tree skirt. You can also find ornaments in the Lars Christmas shop!

photography by Trisha Zemp



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