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How to Relieve Anxiety Quickly

There’s a faint sort of hum that fills my brain these days. When the house is finally quiet and I get a chance to breathe, the hum sometimes turns into an irritating buzz but other times it fades. Stress manifests itself in so many forms; you know its shades and sounds like the back of your hand. Managing it is no simple task, but it can be fun if approached artfully. My go-to activity for stress relief is spending time with loved ones whenever possible. One way to stay connected to people you love even if you can’t meet in person is to create!

But if your mantra is “when the going get tough, the tough get shopping,” let a sister help you out – see the shopping links below

Over the holiday season, a startling number of my loved ones had babies – they come in waves, you know. I couldn’t be there to support and celebrate with my friends and their new darlings, but I could create something for them. My gifts were simple patchwork quilts, but each fabric selection and design choice infused love into a gift for the somebodies I care for.

Making something tangible reminds me that I do have control over some things, and those are things to be grateful for. With this type of project, there’s a beginning, middle, and an end. I suppose that is true for everything. These days, I find a lot of comfort in knowing where I’m at in that process, trusting that whatever is happening will eventually come to a close. Until this is all over, turn to crafting!! Explore the list below for thoughtfully curated crafts designed to keep your hands busy and your anxiety at bay. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and follow the instructions (loosely or closely – you pick). The things you cannot control will melt away once your hands get going. 

Crafts involving repetition

The ultimate crafts for getting in the zone. After your get started your hands will quickly learn what to do. It is so peaceful to create something that takes just enough brain space to quiet your racing thoughts. But not so much focus it feels overwhelming.

Crafts involving repetition to relieve anxiety paper chain muralCrafts involving repetition to relieve anxiety embroidery thread color block wreath

Embroidery projects to do while watching Netflix

Most of our top favorite projects while staying at home have involved embroidery. It’s not messy, you can pause at any time and pick it up later, and any skill level can do it! The more we think about it, the more we realize embroidery is the ultimate craft!

Embroidery projects to do while watching Netflix to relieve anxiety Embroidery projects to do while watching Netflix to relieve anxiety

Crafts for your houseplants

Bringing new plant friends into your space instantly makes it more zen. Breath easier knowing you are growing right along with your houseplants. You know how talking to your plants is supposed to help them grow better? We’ve heard hand-making a new home for them has the same effect.

Anxiety-relieving crafts painted pots for houseplantsAnxiety relieving crafts houseplant vases with recycled egg cartons

Crafts with anxiety-relieving textures

Nothing is quite as satisfying as molding clay with your hands over and over. Ditch your phone screen and laptop keys for a while and pick up something more textural.

Crafts with anxiety-relieving textures DIY clay hair clips Crafts with anxiety-relieving textures rope necklace

Other ways to relieve stress

If your hands start to cramp or you’re just not feeling it, fret not! Lars is here to help with that too! In the last few weeks, I’ve picked yoga back up and it has done wonders for my state of mind and my mobility (I see you, fellow couch-dwellers). Pick up a new yoga mat and get started exactly where you are! 


If getting out of bed is too much some days, consider investing in a weighted blanket. Think of it as a remote hug from us to you, minus the sweat of this budding summer. 

For some extra relaxing cozy time – check out our list of 50 movies to watch while social distancing.

If coloring books are just your speed, check out these beauties! We are firm believers that everything in life should be lovely, and these designerly coloring books are proof. You can stop stealing Junior’s coloring books – join the party and get your own! 


No matter how you handle the curveballs of life, enjoy the game. The House That Lars Built is happy to help – we, like you, get by with a little help from our friends!



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