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DIY + Projects + Room to Room / Wednesday, 3 Dec 2014

DIY room to room: Christmas

Simple is always best, no? Here are some sweet and simple DIY projects that you can make in an afternoon that will capture the spirit of Christmas.

DIY triangle wreath by Almost Makes Perfect
DIY himmeli by Pinjacolada
DIY gold pinecone garland by The Sweetest Occasion

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DIY + Projects + Room to Room / Thursday, 23 Oct 2014

DIY room to room: Succulents

DIY succulent pumpkin faces

Planter made with removable basin. Perfect for draining.
DIY hanging planter

Ever since meeting and working with Cassidy Tuttle of Succulents and Sunshine last year, I’m always thinking about how I can work some succulents into my life. Last year we did a series of succulent based Halloween projects (like the top image). She recently developed a planter that helps succulents thrive and she’s released a kickstarter campaign to help her bring it to you. I’m so excited for her! Check it out here. Here are a few other DIY succulent projects for your home:

DIY succulent pumpkin faces on The House that Lars Built 
DIY vertical plant hanger for succulents from I Heart Naptime
DIY planter perfect for growing succulents (especially made for them! And check out the rad kickstarter here!)

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DIY + Projects + Room to Room / Wednesday, 24 Sep 2014

DIY room to room: wire

DIY wire laundry hamper
DIY chicken wire basket
DIY wire pendant

I have a bunch of chicken wire sitting out in the yard waiting to be turned into something magical like a…
DIY laundry hamper from The Merry Thought
DIY basket from A Thousand Words
DIY wire pendant lamp from Hommemaker

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DIY + Projects + Room to Room / Wednesday, 27 Aug 2014

DIY room to room: crochet

For some reason, crocheting and knitting are two craft skills that I learn over and over, forget, them relearn. They just don’t stick! But these projects make me want to pick it up again.

DIY crochet fruit trivet pot holders from Purl Bee
DIY crochet basket from Nurin Kurin
DIY edged linen wrap from Purl Bee

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DIY + Projects + Room to Room / Wednesday, 13 Aug 2014

DIY room to room: framing

Over the weekend I found some really beautiful frames from a consignment store. Though I’m thrilled with my new purchases, I was reminded at how expensive it is to find really great frames–and mine were even rather cheap. I mean, you have a piece of art, which is already most likely pricey, and THEN you must find something amazing to show it off in. As I was looking around the interwebs I found a few DIY solutions that are fun and won’t break the bank and you can make yourself. Score!

DIY art frame with washi tape by Design*Sponge
DIY art frame wall hanger by The Lovely Drawer
DIY giant art frame by Yellow Brick Home

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