Life / Friday, 29 May 2015

This week & something you don’t know about me

Hot dog balloon

It’s been a busy week, what with ghost town huntin and all. On top of that my sister was visiting for a fun project which took up the past couple of weeks in preparing and executing. And now I’m way behind in emails and other projects, per usual. Let the emailing begin!

I thought I’d end the week with another something you don’t know about me. Something I had forgotten about myself even until my sister reminded yesterday me of my love of boy bands in the 90s. But not just the main stay like Backstreet Boys and N’Sync and 98 Degrees. No, no, pretty unheard of boy bands like…you ready for this…Soul Decision, 5ive, MyTown, BBMak, LFO. She applauded me for my “underground” boy band tastes, which is an admittedly embarrassing pronouncement, yet looking back, entirely true.

Mind you, I have NO idea how I found out about these bands. I wasn’t reading Tiger Beat or anything and I assume that’s where we would find out about that type of stuff back then without the Internet. Nowadays it’s pretty easy to identify your interests because there are sites for everyone, but back then? Anyone know? I’m guessing it was KISS FM and my friend Aubrey, who attended every N’Sync concert west of the Mississippi.

Also, Disneyland. Growing up in Orange County, Disneyland was more of an after school deal versus a lifetime mecca trip so when they started bringing in boy bands to the Tomorrowland stage, we went. Often. Multiple times for the same bands. Also, Aubrey took me to the 90s Donny and Marie show as an audience member which is also how I score the MyTown CD (as well as the Donny Osmond Christmas soundtrack, which is actually AWESOME. No irony.)

Now I’m at the age where I think “where have all the (good) boy bands gone?” Back when they used to sing about hearts being torn up and girls who need to quit playing games with hearts. Not that I’d be listening to them on my mp3 player, but definitely in the car on the radio. I mean, the melodies! (definitely not the lyrics).

You know what I mean? No? Just a little? Have I lost all respect???

Fun links for the weekend:

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Giant festooning! 

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This dress is even prettier in person

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One of the benefits to living in Denmark was not long hours. Thoughts? 

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Love this floral dress

I just bought these shoes and they are so rad


Image from a behind the scenes look at an upcoming project from my Instagram. Pretzel balloon from Northstar and hot dog from Oh Shiny Paper 

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Style / Friday, 29 May 2015

This Girl

this girleats here sleeps

This Girl  |  Dines  |  Sleeps

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Design + Life / Thursday, 28 May 2015

Ghost towns in Utah

Exploring Utah ghost towns

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I’m not a social planner. Nope. Not one bit. Caitlin, my sister who is in town for a project I was working on (can’t wait to show you the results!), got the social planning genes of the family. When she lived in Utah she would explore the towns and terrain, oftentimes by herself. She knows restaurants, thrift shops, events. Pretty much, I should hire her to plan my life. So, while she’s been here we’ve been taking outings to go explore this place we now call home. I’d say we’ve seen more in the past few days than we have in the full two years we’ve been here.

On Memorial Day we decided to try and find some ghost towns, which I had no idea existed here in Utah. My only experience was visiting Calico in California growing up, and that is heavily commercialized, or at least it was at the time. Our first stop was Lark, Utah, a mining town that was abandoned in the seventies. We looked and looked and after awhile finally realized that it no longer exists. Beautiful. So, we checked out the local Copperton cemetery (it was Memorial Day after all) and Copperton town, which is still an active city for the local mine. The town is perfectly organized and well kept. The impeccable central park was full of people bbq’ing and playing kubb, the Scandinavian game, which apparently has traveled far. 
Eureka, Utah, an abandoned mining townCopperton, Utah

Last night after work, we took off for Eureka, formerly called Ruby Hollow, which is about a 45 minute drive from Provo. So close! Eureka is an active city, and a former wealthy gold and silver mining town, home to the second ever JCPenney, but you would never know that today by looking at the town as much of it is now abandoned. It’s not quite ghost towny but it feels like it could be a great movie set for one. I noticed a few active shops in the abandoned section including a general store and a gun shop. Bookmobile in Eureka, UtahEureka, Utah, an abandoned mining town

This church looked like it was recently renovated, and is still currently under construction. I loved the large panel colorful stained glass. Yes, Brooklyn may have Tom Fruin’s stained glass house, but Eureka, Utah can hold its own.Eureka church doorEureka, Utah, an abandoned mining town

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Party + Projects / Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Book page bow tie straws


For our balloons, books, and babies baby shower (see previous posts here), Ashley made some adorable bows for the party straws made from pages from books, perfect for our book theme. Aren’t they adorable? This technique for making bows is a modern update from a simple bow tie (and pssst: I showed a gift topper idea here with it). See below for the full instructions!

Book page bow tie strawbook page bow tie straw

Photography by Melissa Leavitt  |  Crafting by Ashley Isenhour  |  See more party ideas here 

Click below for the full instructions and template download.

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Life / Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Date idea #1: bike ride


Ever since Paul and I moved to Utah from Denmark two years ago, we’ve been on the hunt for some great and beautiful bicycles. You see, in Denmark we solely got around by bikes—in rain, sun, snow—and now that we have a car, we just haven’t truly needed them for pure transportation purposes, but more for fun around town, just the way I like it. Enter, Brooklyn Bike Company. Their Dutch-inspired designs were exactly what we were looking for in a bike and the color options are great too and we were so so thrilled to find them.
Lars for Brooklyn BikesLars for Brooklyn BikesLars for Brooklyn BikesPhotography by Melissa Leavitt  |  Bicycles sponsored by Brooklyn Bicycle  Company

The arrival of our new bikes also comes at a time when my social planning skills have come into question. Mostly, just by me. I’m TERRIBLE at social planning. In a nut shell, I don’t. I’m not a great date planner or friend planner. Dinner plans? Please ask me! It just doesn’t cross my mind! SO, I thought by “building it, it might come” meaning, if I build a column here on my blog about date ideas, then it will force me to think about it and accomplish it. That’s about how/why I started this blog in the first place.
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