Style / Monday, 27 Apr 2015

5 spring looks from Hanna Andersson


When I was a kid I devoured the Hanna Andersson catalog. I imagined myself in glorious Sweden, frolicking through meadows in clogs with hair in slightly disheveled braids. Growing up in Southern California, there was a little less meadow and wooden shoes and a little more beach and flip flops, but the dream remained. Since then, I married a guy from Denmark (close enough :), bought my own pair of wooden clogs, and devoured myself in the Scandinavian aesthetic. You can imagine I was thrilled at the chance to partner up with Hanna Andersson and their women’s clothing line, Love, Hanna and showcase 6 fun outfits for spring—complete with many pairs wooden shoes, of course.

First up, the moment I receive this skirt (on sale now!) in the mail I put it on and didn’t take it off for three days. It’s THE MOST comfortable. AND it has pockets. I love it with the white Swiss dot pop over. With the puff sleeves, I feel like a modern day Anne Shirley.

The House That Lars Built for Hanna Andersson

I pretty much only wear dresses and skirts these days (they’re a lot more forgiving of my waistline than pants) and this Swedish summer dress has a great pattern to it and is super airy and again, WITH POCKETS. Pockets change everything. I paired it with some of my favorite floral socks and their dark red ankle boots (on sale!).

The House That Lars Built for Hanna Andersson

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Style / Friday, 24 Apr 2015

This Girl

this girl living room with swingboho entry way

This girl  |  Swings  |  Enters

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Projects / Thursday, 23 Apr 2015

Mother’s Day card vases

Mother's Day card vases with paper flowers

As announced earlier, I’m teaching a workshop at Anthropologie in Salt Lake City on May 7th and as you know, I’m a huge flower lover, as is my mom, so flowers have to be involved somehow. I know. You’re shocked. This time I decided to make her a card that could also act as a gift and we’ll be making it at the workshop AND I’m providing it for you here today and on the Anthro blog. I came up with this 2D Mother’s Day card that becomes a perfect vase for some delightful paper flowers. It reads, “Dear mother, all flowers remind me of you” based on one of my favorite children’s songs. I had one of my favorite illustrators, Danielle Kroll, work her magic and I love how it turned out! Anthro graciously provided me with some of their products to be used as props. My dream come true.

Mother's Day card vaseMother's Day card vasered printoutMother's Day card vaseblue printout anthro vases

This is one card that I’m actually quite thrilled to give to my mom (sent in the mail, of course!). You could even stick it in an 8×10″ frame and give it as a piece of art.

Crafting/Styling/Photography by Brittany Jepsen  |  Illustration by Danielle Kroll

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