Life / Monday, 26 Jan 2015

8 things about the new The House That Lars Built

Hooray! The day has FINALLY arrived! I’ve been waiting for this day for years. Ha! No joke. When I moved to Denmark 5 years ago I thought “oh good. Finally time to actually figure out something more permanent for my blog. I experimented and could never find something I liked. I call it the curse of designing for yourself.

tour of the new house that lars built

Had the assignment been for a client, then it would have been no problem. Easy squeezy! I would have been done in no time! But designing for yourself is the WORST! You have to think about identity: Who am I? What is this blog? You know, soul-searching questions that leave you with even more questions. Ugh. And for the longest time I didn’t know what this blog was. Not until about three years ago when I latched onto DIY and lifestyle projects and started carving my own niche. Before that, I used the blog as my own Pinterest before Pinterest. I would post favorite images from around the web–not original content. And now, that element of originality is fundamental to The House that Lars Built.


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Life / Friday, 23 Jan 2015

This week


Notice anything different about the blog? :) Yes! After so so so much time The House That Lars Built has a new look! Hooray! Cue the bells! I’ll be giving you tour of it all next week, but thought I’d mention the elephant in the room. There were a few hiccups getting it set and I had to add in a lot of posts that didn’t seem to make it in with the transfer, but we’re all set now and I can’t wait to give you the full debut.

In the mean time…want to hear a tragic story? I’m supposed to be in Paris right now. Yup, you heard that right, Paris, FRANCE. Grange Furniture and Kimberly Lewis Home were kind enough to fly me out for Maison et Objet, Europe’s version of the NY Gift fair, and I was beyond stoked. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years. Well, last night I was waiting for my flight. In fact, we were getting ready to board, when they announced a small delay. “No worries, I thought.” But as I sat there, I stated to feel terrible. I hadn’t been feeling 100% in a few days but all of a sudden it was miserable. The slight delay turned into an hour and then I realized that making it across the Atlantic sounded like the worst idea. Do I dare infect others with whatever it is I have? Will this turn into the worse trip of all time? I mean, it’s Paris, but it could be awful if I’m just stuck in a hotel room in Paris.

So, I decided I had to go home.

I know! It’s the most tragic story and I can’t, myself, bear the thought of thinking of what I’m missing out on. Please tell me you’ll still be around Paris? I was so looking forward to meeting up with friends and new friends. Boo hoo hoo.

In the mean time, I spent today, still in my jammies, updating my new site. :/

Above, this pic is from earlier this week when my sister and her husband were in town. We took a trip to the nearest lake and decided to go “ice skating” which was basically me petrified 4 feet from land. The boys were a little more daring than us.

Have you ever missed out on something awesome because you felt horrible? Tell me your tragedies and let’s commiserate together! 

Links of note this week:

Printable superbowl bingo–will you be watching the game? 

What’s your favorite memory of wallpaper? Surprisingly very vivid memories!

I love this project!

Watercolor stationery DIY

Hmmm, sounds delicious
Lars around town:

Clever ways to display your books

Kitchen shelving ideas

Rad modern jumpsuits for the bride


Happy weekend!

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Projects + Room to Room / Wednesday, 21 Jan 2015

DIY room to room: Ikea Hacks


I’m always so amazed when people can take plain Ikea objects and transform them into custom pieces for their space. Here are some of my favorite Ikea hack projects.

Ikea hack pillow from Martha Stewart  |  Ikea hack floating cabinets from Made by Girl  |  Ikea hack shelving unit by Honeycomb Studio on Houzz


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