Style / Tuesday, 9 Feb 2016

Winter floral dresses

dutch baroque floral dressI saw this dress above on Pinterest the other night and subsequently spent a good portion of time tracking it down. It’s by UK based Warehouse BUT I then found out that they have a US distribution. Hooray? You would think! They only had it in other sizes and now it seems as if they are sold out. Boo hoo hoo! I’m TOTALLY digging their floral dresses. They’re the perfect way to wear florals in the winter time. Not too springy, just the perfect amount of Dutch Baroque. floral dress on black70s floral on black dresswhite floral blouse

I’d be a happy camper with the first and third dresses but sadly, neither are available in the US. If you’re in the UK, enjoy :(

Dress 1  |  Dress 2  |  Dress 3  |  Blouse

Illustrations added by Brittany Jepsen

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Projects + valentine's day / Tuesday, 9 Feb 2016

Chocolate covered cinnamon bear valentines

Chocolate covered cinnamon bear valentinesYou guys. I’m about to change your life forever. They’re called Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Bears. And things will now never be the same.

Chocolate covered cinnamon bears are a “Utah thing”. In fact, they are even more specifically a Brigham Young University thing. People come all over to the BYU Bookstore to purchase their pound of chocolate covered cinnamon bears. But this was all rather secret to me as I never even tried them as a student over a decade ago. My conversion only occurred since moving back here a couple of years ago. And yes, life will never be the same. I’ve come to view them as a breakfast food, snack, lunch, snack again, dinner. It’s most definitely the reason why my clothes no longer fit me and why 9 year old Louisa asked if I’m having a baby.

Turns out, chocolate and cinnamon bears are the food of the gods.

SO, creating valentines based on chocolate covered cinnamon bears was inevitable and one of the greatest services we could perform to the world. We created some free printable bear pun cards to go inside a clear plastic bag to give out.
Chocolate covered cinnamon bear valentines Chocolate covered cinnamon bear valentines

See below to get the free printable bear cards and instructions

Read on →

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Projects + valentine's day / Monday, 8 Feb 2016

Shrinky dink Valentine’s Day pins

Eyes lips heart shrinky dink pins

My illustrator friend, Michele, is one of the most clever people I know. For Christmas she gifted me a pin that she had created our of Shrinky Dink and I thought it was the most magical thing in the world. I had never even heard of it. And yes! I am a baby from the 80s! I don’t know where I was. I decided to catch up on lost time and make some Shrinky Dink Valentine’s Day pins for our Galentine’s Heart, Hand, Eyes, and Lips brunch, which we will be releasing on Wednesday. They are super easy to make and, being a kid’s toy, super fun too. All you do is draw it, place it in the oven, then it shrinks down to half it’s size. Glue a pin to the back and you’re set!

We mixed ours in with some gems that we backed with pins, as well as googly eyes.

eyes hearts valentine's day pins shrinkShrinky Dink Valentine's Day pinsShrinky Dink Valentine's Day pins

See below for the full tutorial! Read on →

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Life / Sunday, 7 Feb 2016

This week

Kate Zaremba co

I hear today is some sort of sporting day…or something…Ha! This is the way I feel about it. And after seeing this I’d love to see the Super Bowl halftime show. I love, love, love the new Coldplay album. Like, love. It’s on repeat. It’s been years since I’ve had anything on repeat, but this one I love.

In other news, the picture above is from my friend Kate Zaremba, who created 500 hands for a backdrop wall for a large event at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. We were inspired by her work to create our hand in heart valentines. I’m opening up all of my Instagram hash tags up to readers so if you are making any Valentine’s Day projects, tag them with #LarsLovesLove and all general crafts under #LarsMakes.

Happy weekend! Here are some links to finish it up in case you’re not a Super Bowl watcher. 

The cutest washi tape! 

This video shows how wood block papers are made. It’s incredible.

On working for free…

Paul and I just finished this show and it’s the only baking/food show I’ve ever seen. It’s delightful and so good! 

I want this dress so much! But they don’t have my siez :( (they do on the UK site though. rats!)

Beautiful paper plant

Photo by @kathrynzaremba

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Style + This Girl / Friday, 5 Feb 2016

These Girls

These girlsPatricia Morozo house from Yellow TraceKILIM-RUGSAdelaide, Pearl, Eloise, and Lottie shape their free time around drinking spritzers and secretly watching MTV music videos. At low-key gatherings, you’ll find them standing away from everyone else; they’re known to talk behind your back, but you almost want them to. Like your Grandmother’s fruit cake, these girls are a quiet mystery. For a moment, you might feel intimidated. While holding themselves with a highbrow elegance, they might even accept you as an acquaintance.

Currently, these girls are relaxing at home wearing high socks to cover their non-painted toes. They’re discussing the critical make-up of American history in terms of James Dean’s demeanor and JFK’s class.

This peculiar group of girls will never tell you how they came together. Their enigmatic nature is timeless, just like their innate sense of style.

These Girls  |  Party  |  Walk

See more of This Girl here 

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