Life / Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Date idea #1: bike ride


Ever since Paul and I moved to Utah from Denmark two years ago, we’ve been on the hunt for some great and beautiful bicycles. You see, in Denmark we solely got around by bikes—in rain, sun, snow—and now that we have a car, we just haven’t truly needed them for pure transportation purposes, but more for fun around town, just the way I like it. Enter, Brooklyn Bike Company. Their Dutch-inspired designs were exactly what we were looking for in a bike and the color options are great too and we were so so thrilled to find them.
Lars for Brooklyn BikesLars for Brooklyn BikesLars for Brooklyn BikesPhotography by Melissa Leavitt  |  Bicycles sponsored by Brooklyn Bicycle  Company

The arrival of our new bikes also comes at a time when my social planning skills have come into question. Mostly, just by me. I’m TERRIBLE at social planning. In a nut shell, I don’t. I’m not a great date planner or friend planner. Dinner plans? Please ask me! It just doesn’t cross my mind! SO, I thought by “building it, it might come” meaning, if I build a column here on my blog about date ideas, then it will force me to think about it and accomplish it. That’s about how/why I started this blog in the first place.
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Style / Saturday, 23 May 2015

Shopping Saturday & Memorial Day sales

1Today I’m introducing a new column made for the weekends called Shopping Saturday, a rainbow of items to add to your wardrobe brought to you by my sister, Caitlin Watson Boyes, blogger of the new blog, Modern Colorist.

And check out the Memorial Day sales! (See the complete list after the jump)

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Life / Friday, 22 May 2015

This week

maya rudolph

I received these adorable face dishes from Jubilique and Louise in the mail this week and I love them. I posted them on Instagram and asked for suggestions for names because I think these two might pop in every now and again along the lines of Statler and Waldorf (don’t worry, I had to look their names up too). They were most definitely crying happy tears when they heard Maya Rudolph’s National Anthem and commencement speech.

This week I spent a good amount of time working on a (for now) secret project that I cannot wait to show you. Like most of my projects, it starts out with me thinking that it’s the best idea in the whole wide world and that it surely won’t take me any time at all to do. Sure enough, it ends up consuming my life and I end up thinking why in the world did I ever start it?

For the beauty! For the beauty, that’s why! I’m not a fan of the cryptic projects, but you’ll understand when I show you.

For now, some fun links for your weekend:

Maya Rudolph’s National Anthem and commencement speech had me in tears

I love this top. It was sold out and they just brought it back! 

If you’re local and have kids, Mer Mag is putting on two weeks of craft camps. Jump on it! 

Love this simple 10 minute DIY project 

Have you checked out the new page on this site where I list my favorite pieces? I update it every week! 

A great swimsuit guide for the summer! 

Though I love this DIY I love all the doggies so much more! 

I love these sunglasses

Habits of creatives

This article blew my mind. I’d be interested to read the book and find out more about it.

Such a great hat for spring

I love all the plants in this house

Happy weekend! 

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Style / Friday, 22 May 2015



This Girl  |  Slices  |  Crafts

See more Style posts here.

Shop the look: 

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Projects / Thursday, 21 May 2015

DIY Tassel balloon

Make a tassel balloon

For our books & balloons baby shower, our guest of honor, Victoria, clearly needed her own decorated balloon, a la Geronimo, so Ashley came up with a fun way to include some book inspired features into the decor. She included some bright tissue paper tassels along with tassels from pages from some books from the thrift store to tie in all the elements. Any way you put it, you just can’t go wrong with a humongous balloon. You just can’t.
DIY tassel balloonMAKE A BALLOON WALLballoon stuck in a treeBalloon baby showerBalloon baby showerPhotography by Melissa Leavitt  |  Crafting by Ashley Isenhour of Ike Studio  |  Balloon from Zurchers

See more from the baby shower here and check out the full tutorial below

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