Design + DIY + Life / Thursday, 23 Mar 2017

Make a wedding inspiration board

Wedding Inspiration Board

Rebecca here with a wedding update (see part one here) ! We’re nearing the big day and luckily I feel cool as a cucumber! The major decisions have been made and I’m enjoying the process of seeing all the details and components come together. There is still plenty to be done, but I feel like I have a handle on things. How is that possible?! I’m just as floored as you are! I am fully aware of the stress and anxiety that many brides-to-be often feel while engaged. Trust me, I’m no stranger to these feelings. I was anticipating being overwhelmed, even expecting it. Worrywart is my middle name.  However, I’ve realized that taking a few initiatives in the very beginning of the wedding planning process have made a BIG difference. My number 1 suggestion? Make a wedding inspiration board! This is extremely helpful for a number of reasons…

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City guides + Life + travel / Wednesday, 22 Mar 2017

Cuba Travel Guide Part 1: logistics

Havana, Cuba travel guideI’ve been giving some sneak peeks away of our trip to Cuba over the past few weeks and it’s been so interesting hearing your reactions. Most are floored that we (Americans) could even go and others have mentioned that you are anxiously awaiting a travel guide because they are planning their trip too. After our experience, there is a lot we were really pleased about and other things we would have done differently.

I’m breaking the guide into two parts. One part for logistics on how to travel to and around Cuba and the other for things to see and do. I don’t normally provide traveling logistics, but because Cuba is still rather unknown to Americans, information was somewhat hard to find.

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DIY + Party + Projects / Tuesday, 21 Mar 2017

Dyed washi paper

Dip dyed washi paper

I’ve been a big fan of Christina Schmidt of Yellow Owl Workshop for quite some time and I was thrilled to receive an advanced copy of her brand new book, Make It Yours: Patterns and Inspiration to Stamp, Stencil, and Customize your Stuff due out March 28th (on pre-order now!). The book touches on a variety or techniques that she’s perfected in a fun and unexpected ways. It’s a great one to add to your craft library. Today she’s sharing a tutorial from her book. 

Simple, quick, and colorful is the name of the game when making this versatile dyed paper. The process only takes about 10 minutes, but I’ll bet you’ll have so much fun you won’t stop for hours. It’s important to use washi paper because it is thin enough to be folded several times, easily accepts ink (thanks to its uncoated surface), and has good “wet strength,” meaning it doesn’t tear easily when saturated. Use any size, but I like a large pad because I can fold it many times and achieve more complex patterns.

In terms of “dye,” studio staples such as watercolors and acrylics thinned to a watery consistency work, but surprisingly, I have the best luck with liquid food dyes from the kitchen pantry. (This also means I can safely use my kitchen bowls without worry of contamination.) Apply dye directly with an applicator or by placing the food dye tip directly to the edges for more contrast on the folded edges. Read on →

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Crafts + Projects / Monday, 20 Mar 2017

Crepe Paper Resource Guide

Whether you’ve been a longtime follower of Lars or a recent convert (in which case, we’re so glad you found us!), chances are you’ve noticed our deep appreciation for crepe paper. Paper, in general, is often our medium of choice because of its versatility. Crepe paper, in particular, has the ability to stretch, bend, and create shapes no other paper can. Its texture is unique and lends itself to all sorts of projects! *And just to be clear, we are not talking about crepe paper streamers, the common party decoration. There is certainly a time and place for those babies, like our crepe paper streamer curtains (!), but we’re focusing on the larger, heavier rolls of crepe paper.

We’ve long adored crepe paper flowers, but some of our favorite crepe paper projects also include a fringed necklace, a cherry wreath, and a chandelier. The sky is the limit! We receive lots of inquiries about where we purchase our crepe paper since you can’t find the good stuff in stores and decided it was time we reveal all our secrets with an official Crepe Paper Resource Guide! We have included our favorite shops to buy from as well as some inspirational artists that have taken crepe paper to a whole new level.

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DIY + Party + Projects / Thursday, 16 Mar 2017

DIY Rainbow Streamer Curtains

DIY Rainbow streamer curtains You know we love some rainbows round these parts (#CraftTheRainbow anyone?!)  We are also big fans of natural lighting and lovely windows. These DIY rainbow streamer curtains are combining two loves and deepening our adoration! Remember your grandma’s drab, heavy, and expensive window treatments? No thank you. We’ve solved all your curtain problems by crafting these colorful, and fun Rainbow Streamer Curtains! These curtains will brighten things up on a rainy day and bring a pop of color to whatever space you may use them in! Have left over streamers from the last party you threw? Then you’ve got all you need. They’re also the perfect decor far St. Patrick’s Day this weekend! We’ve provided some simple instructions below to get you rainbow connected and refresh your space! Read on →

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