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This week

Convertible ride by Jefra Linn for The House That Lars built

Hey! Did you survive this week? I’m hoping my peonies survived the snow Utah got…I’m a very concerned botanical parent.

Right now I’m trying to decide where Paul and I go for a quick little getaway. Because of our schedules, we tend to spend a lot of time at home and our “adventures” generally involve some type of food experience. Though I’m all about the caloric intake we need some adventures! I know I recruited your help for some dating ideas last week, but what about experiences? That includes you locals…what do we do? What’s not to miss in Utah for the spring? Where do we go that’s not forever to drive to or too expensive to fly to? Here’s what I think our options are, but please add on if you have ideas!

  • Las Vegas. I used to not be a fan of it growing up (bad experience. I’ll have to tell you about it one day…maybe…it’s pretty bad). BUT, I hear there’s fun things to do now? And good food? And maybe a show? And stay in a rad hotel? Thing is, hotels used to be cheap but after a brief search, they looked not so cheap anymore…thoughts? And what shows would you recommend? And other things to do? Restaurants to try?
  • A national park. We did quite a few of them growing up with my family, but Paul loves hiking and wants to see them all and you know, since I’m such an outdoorsy person….gah! I’m not! But I like beautiful things. It’s a conundrum. What should we see? Go? Do? Stay? Eat?
  • Go local like SLC or Park City. I think there’s value in staying in a place you don’t thoroughly know super well but see often enough to not seem super exciting. I think we could have a good experience staying in a nearby city for a day or two, but would we for sure? Or do we invest elsewhere?
  • What’s to the East? Colorado? What do we do?
  • What’s to the West? Nevada????
  • North?

Ok, I do know geography, I just don’t know WHAT to do with that geography knowledge. Enlighten me!

Fun links for your weekend!

The best news for people with good design and cheapskates! I loved this store when I lived in Denmark. There’s one on every corner. 

I’ve become a bit of a pot addict (not that kind!) and these are so cute! I want them all. Cupcake pots?! I mean…

I love this sweet 5 minute tutorial. So rad.

I’m Mormon. And a crafter! Guess I’m not the only one :) I was interviewed for this article about cool Mormon crafters (guess I’m cool?! Relief! )

I need this skirt in my closet pronto! 

A recap of the Vintage Whites Market on their blog 

The raddest mirror. Thinking it would be cool for the new studio.

My family lives in the area. I would move there too if someone bought be the Western White House.

This lovely outdoor furniture is on sale and so sweet

Love Chelsea’s new site! Congrats! 

I’ve been loving marblized anything for awhile and this tutorial for ribbon is great! 

Kelly’s trip to the ranunculus fields reminded me of our own trip 5 years ago (but that was back when I didn’t know how to blog so I only put one picture in. Now it would have been like 30).


Photo from the April playlist from last year. One of my favorites shoots from Jefra Starr Linn

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Life + Party + workshops / Friday, 17 Apr 2015

Mother’s Day craft workshop at Anthropologie

House That Lars Built workshop at Anthro for Mother's Day

Hi all! I’m excited to announce a Mother’s Day craft workshop at the Salt Lake City Anthropologie on Thursday, May 7th from 6-8pm. We’ll be making paper flower Mother’s Day cards. All materials will be provided along with yummy treats. Spaces are limited so grab some friends RSVP soon. See you there!

RSVP to the workshop here.

UPDATE: The workshop is filled. Thanks for everyone who was interested. Stay tuned for another workshop announcement in the next few days!

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Style + This Girl / Friday, 17 Apr 2015

This Girl

This girl spends her days at farmers markets and her nights at tablaos. It was Javier who first taught her how dance the flamenco, after sharing a carafe of Spanish wine on a balmy evening in Barcelona. On summer days, they play croquet and take occasional dips in the Mediterranean. For lunch, he grills mussels in their shells and drizzles them with béarnaise sauce–for dessert, she makes fresh raspberry tart and créme anglaise. They still love to dance, and tonight, this girl will slip on her new blue dress and sway to the rhythms of the Spanish guitar into the small hours.
text by Lauren Bledsoe 
Images: This Girl  |  Plays  |  Eats
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