Life / Friday, 27 Feb 2015

This week & something you didn’t know about me…


Here’s a little sneak peek of a project that I can’t wait to show you next week! Gah! I’m so digging working with balloons lately. They come in the most gorgeous colors and you can’t help but smile and wish there were more parties to use them for.

Joy of Oh Joy capped off her week by revealing something that no one knows about her—she’s a 2nd degree black belt. Ha! I never would have guessed! I thought it would be fun to do the same here and since I don’t get overly personal here on the blog I have a few to choose from. Let’s see, what would be more interesting to you…well, let’s start with, I play the cello. I’ve mentioned it before in the past so long time readers might remember. Yup! There you go. I played all growing up and in college. I toured Europe with an orchestra I played for in middle school, won a concerto competition in high school, played for the local college in high school, then my university orchestra and then while living in Denmark I played with the University of Copenhagen orchestra. I played for an orchestra when I first moved to Utah, but it ended up taking up too much time so I stopped. I still love playing Clifford (that’s his name, naturally), but find that I really only play when I have something to play for and usually it’s church or something like that.

In other words, I was REALLY cool in high school. ;)

There you go! What’s something that nobody would know about you?!


Fun links for the weekend:

This trip always looks like a great way to get inspired and see rad architecture

Knowing this is so crucial for understanding anything visual

I want this for my new office (but then again, I have a thing for office supplies so I want all of it like this and this)

If you live in Houston

I’d love these to go with my pink hair

These are gorgeous

If I had a little one and warm weather

Spring can you come soon, please? Love this

Bri’s favorite apps (I think I’ll do my own version soon!). What are yours?


photo from my iphone

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Style + This Girl / Friday, 27 Feb 2015

This Girl

this girl jil sanderred frame bedfireplace with red dress

This week, this girl is red, sleek and minimal, with a dose of quirky.

This Girl  |  Rests  |  Chillaxes

See more This Girl here.

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Design / Thursday, 26 Feb 2015

12 Colorful bedrooms & mattress rec


I’ve always considered myself a white sheets type of person, regardless of the patterns you see me wearing and pinning, but I’ve been spotting some new graphic and gorgeously colored bedsheets on the interwebs and I’m going bananas over them. Bananas! Really lovely combos in endless amounts of colors that are so fresh and vibrant and full of life. Paired with some equally fun rugs and blocks of color and now you’re talking my language. Life’s too short for white sheets no?

I’m looking to redo (actually, just do) our bedroom. We recently got a new mattress from Tuft and Needle and I’d love to go all out and really amp up the bedroom design to go along with it. Total tangent, BTW, but have you heard of Tuft and Needle? I feel like you should. They pretty much cut out the middle man on mattresses and can sell them super cheap. I’m LOVING ours. It comes in the smallest possible package and you can’t believe that something in it could actually be something you would sleep on. But like a “grow a boyfriend” that my mom gave me for 3 Valentine’s Days in a row when I wasn’t yet married, it expands and magically becomes a sleeping object. At first it was super hard but it’s since loosened up a big and I sleep like a dream. I’d totally check it out if you’re in the market. I can’t stand the thought of paying more than double the price anywhere else.

Back to bedding…

Top image: Colorblock duvet cover from Urban Outfitters

Here’s how to do it:


See what I mean! All those colors and it just works! Why does it work? Let’s see…there’s just as much negative space as there is vibrant colors (white walls and breathable blocks of peach color). The furniture is earthy so it has room to sit still. Add in a touch of fresh greenery and it’s oh so right!

Look at all these patterns!!!! Arro Home in Australia does it so right. I love what they’re doing. They’re creative director, Beci Olpin, nails it every time.

72a17881f2c31acd0b0c65752f508005 959d7d9f10b6882723114d3812ce7f63

And something magical is going on with Urban Outfitter’s bedding right now. They’ve teamed up with Deny Designs to create some vibrantly patterned bedding in unexpected combos like this one below (and all of a sudden I like chevron!).


If you follow me on Instagram you know I have a love affair with Ace and Jig. I wear their clothes nearly every day. And I only have one dress. Ha! But this quilt from Anthro, below, is just perfection! Gorgeous colors with fun shapes. Reminds me of an ethnic Mondrian.

ACE AND JIG QUILT AT ANTHRO Colorblock duvet cover and shams from Urban Outfitters.34047878_095_d

Jigsaw Queen from Gorman

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 11.50.32 PM Another Urban Outfitters magic with this one by Joanna Goss for Deny.34168443_095_d

And you know what these are right here? Dandelions! Another from the collab with Deny Designs for Urban Outfitters.34170118_067_bGorman in Australia is another favorite of mine for clothing but they also have rad home stuff (what is it abuot Australia?!) Their patterns are spot on. I love this Cloud pattern below.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 11.50.02 PM

You know what I mean?! How can we do white sheets again?!

I’ll have to share the inspiration behind the bedroom I’m planning on doing. What’s your dream bedroom? Here are some of my favorites on my Bedroom Pinterest board. 

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