Book Club + Design + downloads + illustration + printable + Projects / Thursday, 26 May 2016

Lars Book Club: The Artist’s Mother printable quote

mother's day quote on The House That Lars Built illustrated by Jordan Sondler Mother's Day quote illustrated by Jordan Sondler for The House That Lars Built

Hey-o! Just popping in to see how you’re doing with this month’s book club book, The Artist’s Mother. It’s more of a visual catalogue of pictures and paintings by some of the most iconic artists, but it goes into some details about their mothers.

From here on out we’ll be featuring a quote that you can print off for free (download here) from each Book Club in the middle of each month as illustrated by a guest illustrator. One of my favorite illustrators, , is kicking it off with this one:

“The eyes of a mother are the first mirror we encounter. A good mother provides a true reflection.”

We’ll be going over the book at the beginning of next month and introducing the book for June then as well.

Get The Artist’s Mother here.
Download the illustrated quote here

Illustrated by |  Photo by Brittany Jepsen

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31 Day Drawing Challenge / Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Day 25: How to draw an agapanthus

how to draw an agapanthus

Who doesn’t LOVE love? I love love, my neighbor loves love, Day 25 of our #larsflowerchallenge loves love, and this beautiful bloom loves love. For this beautiful spring day, we wanted to introduce to you the flower of love. If you really want to step out and try something different, learn about the flower that literally translates as a flower of love: the agapanthus.
Help us spread all this love by learning to draw the agapanthus, the flower of the day. And don’t forget to show us your work! Keep up the great work!
Subscribe to the new YouTube Channel! (And don’t forget, you can win a $200 gift card to our favorite art supply store when you post your work to the feed! Check here for deets.
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31 Day Drawing Challenge / Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Day 24: How to draw a snapdragon

how to draw a snapdragon
Feeling fierce? So is today’s flower from the Daily Drawing Challenge, the snapdragon! These petite little blooms may have a frightening name, but in real life, they are graceful, colorful, and quite lovely.

Day 24 is not too late for you to join in the #larsflowerchallenge. Watch the video below from our new YouTube Channel to learn why this flower is named the snapdragon, what is symbolizes, AND how to draw this fierce little beauty.
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collaborations + Projects / Monday, 23 May 2016

DIY Polish chandelier planter

ecoscraps-diy-planter-house-lars-built-2PAJAKI DETAIL 2Have we got a spring tutorial for you. It’s inspired by my rather new obsession with gardening and definitely old obsession with plants and flowers. A Polish chandelier planter! Otherwise known as pajaki (Polish for “spiders of straw”), this traditionally decorative piece combines the best of both worlds: pretty decor with a practical purpose.

Admittedly, I’ve gone completely bonkers with spring planting this year so adding another one to the mix is only natural. And since I’m completely smitten with my new obsession, I’ve become more and more familiar with how to garden and what supplies are best for the earth. I’m so so thrilled/relieved/satisfied to come across a product that I believe in: Ecoscraps. Ecoscraps is an all natural gardening product company that takes old, wasted food scraps from stores and restaurants and recycles them into organic and sustainable lawn products (see the full process here). Their mission is to grow gardens, not landfills as landfills, which is important when you consider that 40% of the food produced in the US goes wasted. They informed me that that is enough to fill the Rose Bowl every day. It sits in landfills producing methane, which is 20X more harmful than CO2. Read on →

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31 Day Drawing Challenge / Monday, 23 May 2016

Day 23: How to draw a ranunculus & giveaway!

how to draw a ranunculus


Day 22 of the #LarsFlowerChallenge. Haven’t joined in? That’s ranunculus…hardy har har. That might be my favorite joke of them all and I’ve definitely incorporated it into my daily vocabulary. These pretty, lusciously layered beauties are some of my favorites, especially in my garden. Learn how to draw the ranunculus today on the challenge!

AND! A giveaway! We’ve had over 600 drawings submitted to the challenge (!) and now it’s time to rev it up for the finale. For the last few days of the 31 day challenge we’re hosting a giveaway. For every drawing you submit on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) AND subscribing to our YouTube channel, you are entered into a giveaway to win a $200 gift card to the online art supply store, DickBlick, one of my favorite go-to sources for art supplies. So! Step it up and get drawing!

Contest ends June 2nd. 

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