Behind the Scenes with Lars

Behind the Scenes with Lars

With all the beautiful shoots we bring you every day we have even more mess-ups and goofy outtakes (though hmm, hmmm, I save most of it for Snapchat). I thought it’d be fun to shoot you what goes on behind the scenes every now and again so you can get a better look at what we do.

Of course, the hot dog shoot was in itself an outtake as it should never have been made public. Gah! I’ve kind of lost all sense of propriety lately.
Behind the Scenes with Lars

Here’s a prep photo of the watermelon picnic blanket shoot. Sometimes you just don’t know how it’s going to look in the camera so there’s a lot of adjusting. Behind the Scenes with Lars

Getting the himmeli plant chandelier to hang was an ordeal as we couldn’t puncture the roof with a hook. I ended up suspending it from a broom and holding it. It’s a little heavier than it looks so yes, I got a good workout.
Behind the Scenes with Lars

Always coordinating on the phone. Behind the Scenes with Lars

I’ve come to find that a watermelon goes well in every nearly shoot. Paper flower chandlier.
Behind the Scenes with Lars

Michelle took a turn to hot dog.Behind the Scenes with Lars

This is one of my favorite mess-ups. The girls were so cute at our pool party and it would have been an awesome photo, except for that lame head with the huge hat in the back.Behind the Scenes with Lars

We had literally 15 minutes to shoot the Crate and Barrel summer feast before it started pouring. We had to race to get the second scene shot. And by the end we just. Didn’t. Care. It comes down to that, folks.

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All photos by Anna Killian



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