Creative hobbies to try when you are feeling uninspired

We are devoted fans of the Berenstain Bears and in an episode I saw the other day (yes, a toddler was present), Brother and Sister were banned from watching TV all week even when the weather was bad. They turned to the biggest screen around instead – the skies! The kids found a bird-watching book and catalogued tons of different birds, and when nighttime fell, they used their binoculars to check out the stars.

My time at home has gotten to the point where I think I might need to ban myself from TV/other nonessential forms of technology and pick up birdwatching instead.

Are you feeling brain-fried? Are your bluelight lenses constantly hanging on the end of your nose? Put down the phone and pick up a hobby like the Berenstain Bears!! I’m partial to crafting hobbies, and odds are high that if you are here reading this, you are too. Having a hobby has been my saving grace while sheltering-in-place. I’ve been catching up on all of these crafting ideas I’ve wanted to do but haven’t had time for.

If you are in need of some fresh ideas and fresh supplies, let Lars help! Keep scrolling for everything you need to start new creative hobbies.

How to start knitting, crocheting, or weaving

Textile arts and crafts are having their moment in the sun, and if you want to join in the fabric-fun, grab some knitting needles or a crochet hook and get to work! These beautiful hand-dyed yarn skeins are from one of our favorite artisans.

During quarantine, one of our team members, Emma, picked up weaving! She used the tutorial from Hello Hydrangea to make her own loom. Here is her review, “Weaving has been such a fun new hobby! I love that I can pick it up when I have a spare moment and then leave it when it’s time to get back to work. It isn’t messy and can stay half way made in the corner of my office! It’s the perfect project honestly.”

DIY weaving bias tape pillow Creative hobbies to try when you are feeling uninspiredDIY weaving 4th of july red white and blue wall hanging decor Creative hobbies to try when you are feeling uninspiredDIY bias tape weaving Creative hobbies to try when you are feeling uninspired

Supplies you need for embroidery

Embroidery is a beautiful artform and, and with just a little practice, you can make your own family heirlooms! My great-grandma embroidered some roses 70 some-odd years ago and my cousins and I are all vying for the piece. Odds are low that I end up with it, so I should probably just make my own.


How to start sewing or quilting

Ever since our Print Shop artist and friend Lisa Congdon started making quilts while social distancing we have been RAINBOW with quilting envy. Click here to see one of them and you’ll understand why. Amazing!

Below you’ll find kits to help you start sewing or quilting! And check some of our favorite tutorials and patterns below to get you started on simple sewing projects.



Supplies you need to make soap and candles

If you’re feeling like you have tried every creative hobby under the sun – crafting, painting, knitting, you name it – chances are you haven’t tried soap making yet. Now’s the time! There is literally no time like the present, to take advantage of the time you have before social distancing ends.

More creative hobbies to try while social distancing

If yarn and thread aren’t your favorites, check out our most recent craft projects! We have some great pieces you can make for spring: a summery lemon wreath, an elegant leaf garland, or try your hand at fabric flower pressing! Fancy yourself a regular ol’ Picasso? Paint your own masterpiece. Now is the perfect time to pick up your old paintbrushes, and an even better time to invest in some new ones. Happy making!


If you are itching to try any of these creative hobbies but you feel like you don’t have the time, check out my essay on that exact topic here.


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