DIY + halloween + Projects / Thursday, 17 Oct 2019

DIY Rainbow Ghosts Team Costume

This year for our lars costume we settled on simple… with a twist! I have always loved the simplicity of the classic sheet ghost costume, not to mention the quick, easy and inexpensive nature of it. But it has never really been in Lars fashion to follow the rules, which is why we turned to shaking things up and coloring our classic ghost costumes to fit our love of rainbows! Read on →

Crafts + housekeeping + Life / Wednesday, 16 Oct 2019

Introducing our New Organized Craft Palace!

If you’ve seen any of our stories lately, you may have noticed what might look like a small (or large) craft disaster happening in the background. It just so happens that this is a fairly normal occurrence for us. Our process looks a little something like craft, create mess, finish project, clean up, repeat, but right now it’s particularly a crazy fun house. After much denial of our crafting disasters we decided to face our problems head on and thats when we began our search for the perfect organizational system that would fit all of our stuff and take us from DIY purgatory to DIY heaven. And that’s when we stumbled upon the Original ScrapBox. Read on →

DIY + holiday + printable + Projects + thanksgiving / Tuesday, 15 Oct 2019

DIY Friendsgiving Table Spread

Garlands and gratitude galore!  What better way to spend a season of gratitude than with friends.  This year, we wanted to deck out our studio with a Friendsgiving extravaganza!  We used our Friendsgiving invitations, found here, for some perfect garland inspiration.  No party is complete without an eye catching garland full of shapes and color à la Lars.  Because of the bounteous holiday celebrations this time of year, we also wanted everything to be damage free and temporary.  So we set out to find just the thing. Cue the new Command® Adjustables™ Hooks and Clips. 

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DIY + halloween + Projects + Style / Sunday, 13 Oct 2019

Jasper or Jared, Who wore it best?

Turns out, it was JASPER who found Jared Leto’s head!

I’m sure we’re not the only ones here who anxiously await the arrival of the Met Gala yearly. This year, when Anna Wintour announced the Camp theme, we knew we were in for a show (even though honestly, it’s how I would love to dress every day of the year). But boy it was an even better show than I could have imagined. I could take hours to discuss our favorite looks, who really embodied “camp” or the costumes that just left us a little confused, but I would rather just get to the point. Jasper as Jared Leto… Camp Themed! Dun dun dun!! Who wore it best? I’m clearly biased, but can you blame me? A baby in a wig… carrying a doll with a wig…? Sorry Mr. Leto, we think we’ll call this one a win for Jasper!

If you’re not too creeped out yet, click to see more! 

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DIY + Projects / Thursday, 10 Oct 2019

Disco Dream Girl Costume

Today we are making a very important PSA that began when I was at the party store a few years ago. As I was walking in the door there was a sign that read “We have helium!” and I though “of course you do… you’re a party store.” I was thinking more about this after my trip to the store and turned to Google to decipher the meaning of this sign. The findings were shocking. YOU GUYS, there is a HELIUM SHORTAGE happening right now! Some of you might be wondering “how does that even happen” and honestly thats a great question to address at a later date. Right now I want to talk about alternatives for those of you who may not be so fortunate to see that “We have helium!” sign at your local party store.

As we searched for alternatives we found an incredible selection of mylar balloons at Anagram that we just about died over and we got to thinking about all of the all of the amazing things we could do with these balloons and the current helium shortage.

With all of the ideas dancing in my head I decided to narrow it down to just one: a disco dream girl with, of course, a disco ball above her head so she can party wherever she goes (as modeled by our awesome intern, Emmaline!) And guess what? We’re already anticipating our New Year’s Eve. We’ll stash our extras for our party. The balloons inflate and deflate easily making storing and reusing them a no-brainer, but that projects for another day, back to this disco dream costume that is surely going to make you the funkiest guest at any Halloween party you’re attending this Halloween season!

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