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collaborations + Projects / Monday, 23 May 2016

DIY Polish chandelier planter

ecoscraps-diy-planter-house-lars-built-2PAJAKI DETAIL 2Have we got a spring tutorial for you. It’s inspired by my rather new obsession with gardening and definitely old obsession with plants and flowers. A Polish chandelier planter! Otherwise known as pajaki (Polish for “spiders of straw”), this traditionally decorative piece combines the best of both worlds: pretty decor with a practical purpose.

Admittedly, I’ve gone completely bonkers with spring planting this year so adding another one to the mix is only natural. And since I’m completely smitten with my new obsession, I’ve become more and more familiar with how to garden and what supplies are best for the earth. I’m so so thrilled/relieved/satisfied to come across a product that I believe in: Ecoscraps. Ecoscraps is an all natural gardening product company that takes old, wasted food scraps from stores and restaurants and recycles them into organic and sustainable lawn products (see the full process here). Their mission is to grow gardens, not landfills as landfills, which is important when you consider that 40% of the food produced in the US goes wasted. They informed me that that is enough to fill the Rose Bowl every day. It sits in landfills producing methane, which is 20X more harmful than CO2. Read on →

collaborations + DIY + Projects / Thursday, 8 Jan 2015

Valentine’s Day Polish chandelier



I’ve been wanting to create a pajaki, or traditional Polish chandelier, for quite some time now. They are bright, colorful, happy, folky–all things I love! I decided to turn it into a Valentine’s Day decor piece complete with globs of hearts and straws. You know, the normal! I collaborated with interior designers, Owens and Davis, to stage it in one of their beautiful spaces. See how to make it below complete with a shopping list!

detail of polish chandelier

pajaki chandeliervalentine's day pajakipolish-chandelier-for-valentine's-day

polish chandelier for valentine's day


photography by Elise Lauren  |  Crafting by Brittany Jepsen  |  Interior Design by Owens and Davis  |  Assisting by Caitlin Watson Boyes 

Check out the full tutorial & shopping list below

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DIY + Projects / Monday, 19 Jan 2015

DIY Valentine’s Day branch tree


When I’m decorating for the holidays I like decor that’s a bit natural and a lot whimsical so I decided to try out a Valentine’s version of a Scandinavian Christmas branch tree (like the one that Tina did here). I added on tons of hearts with an accent of pink and red birds and I love how it turned out. I can’t wait to put it out when the holiday draws closer! We displayed it in an interior by interior designers Owens and Davis. Such a gorgeous place to shoot in!




valentine's-Day-branch-tree-677-HEARTS valentine's-Day-branch-tree-677-MACRO

Photography by Elise Lauren  |  Crafting by Brittany Jepsen  |  Assisting by Caitlin Watson Boyes  |  studio 

Check out the full tutorial and shop the look below.

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Crafts + Projects / Friday, 10 Feb 2017

18 beautiful Valentines Day Craft projects

Valentine's Day craft projectsValentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to craft! Nothing says I love you quite like something handmade. Unless it’s chocolate covered cinnamon bears… but that’s another story. We decided to round up some of our favorite lovey dovey projects to ensure that you have ample pink and red inspiration this month! These are projects from years past, but keep your (heart) eyes open for new ideas in the next couple of weeks. We’re wearing our hearts on our sleeves this month in light of recent events, and think you should too. So pick some favorites from our Valentines Day Craft roundup and make something pretty! We hope this month is full of love and happiness. Happy Valentine’s Day!  Read on →

Design + Life / Tuesday, 30 Aug 2016

Behind the Scenes with Lars

Behind the Scenes with Lars

With all the beautiful shoots we bring you every day we have even more mess-ups and goofy outtakes (though hmm, hmmm, I save most of it for Snapchat). I thought it’d be fun to shoot you what goes on behind the scenes every now and again so you can get a better look at what we do.

Of course, the hot dog shoot was in itself an outtake as it should never have been made public. Gah! I’ve kind of lost all sense of propriety lately.
Behind the Scenes with Lars

Here’s a prep photo of the watermelon picnic blanket shoot. Sometimes you just don’t know how it’s going to look in the camera so there’s a lot of adjusting.  Read on →