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christmas + paper + Projects / Tuesday, 28 Jan 2014

Oversized holly & berry paper garland

Though I’m right in the thick of my Valentine’s Day posting, I thought I’d take you a few weeks back to a time when sugarplums dance in our heads. And because of the nature of Pinterest, I’m hoping that my tardiness in posting doesn’t mean that the project will get lost in no man’s blog land, so please pin for next year!
I created this oversized holly and berry paper garland for my parent’s house when we went to visit them over the holidays. My mom is the most clever decorator you will ever meet, but was really over Christmas decorations this year. I think it’s because she never does the same thing twice–I  am my mother’s daughter. So, she asked if I wanted to make something and I obliged. Or begged. I can’t remember. I’ll do a tutorial on it when Christmas gets closer, but let these pictures suffice for now. 
See that painting below? That’s my mom as painted by my uncle. As it’s placed right by the entry of the house, it reminds us not to get into any shenanigans. 

Again, stay tuned for a full tutorial closer to the holidays on this oversized holly and berries paper garland. I’m sure you’ll be waiting at the edge of your seats.

UPDATED: You can find the tutorial here.

Thank you to my awesome brother-in-law, Walker Boyes, for taking the photos! He’s the best!

DIY + paper + Projects + valentine's day / Monday, 27 Jan 2014

Oversized heart chain

Photography by Trisha Zemp 

I’m baaack from three conferences last week and I can’t wait to tell you more about it.

But in the mean time… I’ve spotted a cute paper heart chain on the interwebs (like this one from Just Bella or this one from Trendenser) and of course I wanted to try and make it huge like I do everything else so I came up with this oversized paper heart garland, which would be perfect to hang from a door or a entry way. I had to add some arrows in to act as support so it would retain it’s shape and it worked pretty well. Let me show you how to do it ombre style.

Materials: Canson art paper (learn how to ombre it here), paper wrapped wire (order some here), white crepe paper to wrap around the wire, black paper, glue gun, hole punch, craft knife
To make the heart strips: 
Step 1: Ombre your paper (learn how to do it here)
Step 2: Cut it into strips 1 1/2″ strips
Step 3: You will hole punch two sets of papers per heart. The first strip: punch about 1/2″ from one end and then about 8″ from there. The second strip, punch 1/2″ from the end and then 8″ from the other end.
To make the arrows
Step 1: Cut a piece of crepe paper about 3/4″ inch strips going against the grain and wrap it around the wire. Use glue to secure it at both ends.
Step 2: Cut out arrow tips out of black paper.
To form the heart:
Step 1: Glue two strips together at the end (the ends without the holes) and glue another set of strips together. This last one will form the second heart.
Step 2: Glue the ends of the first set of strips onto the outside of the tips of the second heart shape.
Step 3: Bore a hole at the point of the first heart. I used a craft knife here.
Step 4: Repeat until you have the amount of hearts you would like on your garland.
TIP: You will want to trade off which way the arrow points (for balance) so make sure to switch off which way the holes face.

To insert the arrows:
Step 1: Start with the middle holes and insert the tip of the wire in and down through the bottom hole and then up through the top hole.

To finish off the arrows:
Glue the black parts of the arrow onto the tips of the wire.

Voila! Let me know if something is unclear!

Happy early Valentine’s day and I’d love to see your oversized paper heart garlands. Tag all your projects with #thehousethatlarsbuilt

If you’re looking for more Valentine’s Day ideas, check out my Valentine’s Day Pinterest board.

Life + Review / Tuesday, 7 Jan 2014

Lars in 2013 by color

In my mind, 2013 went like this: moved to America, made some stuff, met new people. Done. When I went back through the archives of the blog, I was shocked at how much “stuff” I had done. And how many great people I met, and the places I got to go. Tip: if you have a bad memory, keep a blog! Or scrapbook! Or take pictures. It’s so helpful for this aging noggin. I took a tip from the fine ladies at Sister Mag and decided to do a recap of the year according to color. Why? Same reason we now categorize our bookshelves in the same why-no order, just color. 

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Tomorrow I’ll be going over some New Year’s Resolutions. Yawn, you might say, but don’t worry, there’s something in it for you. Muhahaha.

In My Next Life + Life / Wednesday, 17 Apr 2013

In my next life: teacher

This is the second post in a new monthly series called, “In my next life” where I basically pay homage to people whom I admire or whose jobs I’ve dreamt of. See more posts here.

This month’s In My Next Life is one near and dear to my heart. You see, my friend Sheryl Garner is a dynamite. We met when I lived in Washington, DC and have been friends ever since. Sheryl is one of the funniest persons I know. She’s also one of the most passionate, caring, and friendliest persons I know. To know Sheryl is to love Sheryl. She teaches at an elementary school in the DC school district, one of the most challenging school districts in the country due to a number of well-known set-backs like funding, low test scores, and administration problems. Sheryl WANTS so much for these kids to succeed. She eats and breathes it. Her Facebook statuses usually always have something to do with her kids. 
Like many girls growing up, I went through an “I want to be an elementary school teacher” phase. Though I still think there would be fun and rewarding elements to it, my hat is off to every single teacher out there. That’s got to be tough! And probably thankless, for this, I thank you!
Did you always want to be a teacher? Absolutely not! Being the daughter of an immigrant, I felt like I needed to strive for a prestigious profession. My mom worked really hard to give my brother and me the best life possible. Could I really just become a teacher? On top of that make no money. 

How did you get into teaching? After returning from a full-time LDS mission in South Africa and Namibia, I realized my happiest times in my life was when I was teaching people. I then realized if I’m going to give teaching a real shot, I wanted to teach where no one else wanted to teach, more challenging schools. I applied to the Teach For America program, thinking I would definitely fulfill my 2 year responsibility. Five years later, I’m still teaching in a high needs, low performing school in one of the toughest areas of Washington, DC. 

Were there people along the way in your field who you admired or helped you shaped the decision to be a teacher? Well any good decision I’ve ever made, I can see my mom’s help. She encouraged me to keep going even in my most difficult years of teaching which included being stabbed with a pencil and a pen, slapped, punched and kicked by my students. Even this year, teaching a class of 33 students has been such a challenge, especially since there are so many individual needs from my students, but she always reminds me that she is praying for me and that I can do it. There have been some influential co-workers who equally haven’t given up, that keep me going. 

Do you have a mantra or something you live by? There is a Spanish word that I have taped on a window in my classroom, “Ganas”, which means determined. That keeps me from quitting or walking away especially after tough days. 

What’s your favorite part about your job? Spending one-on-one time with my students. I’ve hung out with many of them outside of school to build stronger relationships or to reward them for their academic achievements. “My kids” are special little people. 

How do you juggle the balance of life/work? I’m fortunate to have amazing friends. I don’t have to come up with activities. They usually plan events. I just show up.

What’s one of the most memorable moments of your career so far? I received a card a couple of Valentine’s Days ago.. The card said, “Dear Ms. Garner. Thank you for getting me smart because I want to go to college. Love, Amariah”.  I received nothing else that day except for that homemade card. I wouldn’t have wanted any other way. 

If you weren’t teaching, what would you be doing? Helping those in third world countries develop business. But then again, that is teaching, isn’t it? 

This is an awesome video that was made about her and it gives a pretty accurate sense of her passion and dedication to her work (also the importance of her religion to her, which comes closer to the end of the video. Just letting you know in case you would prefer to skip out on that part. But the video is awesome. Promise). Our claim to fame is that our wedding invitation is taped to the wall in the kitchen scene. We’re big time.

What would you do if you could do anything? 

photography by Melissa Smith

DIY + Easter + holiday + Projects / Wednesday, 27 Mar 2013

You’ve been egged!

You've been egged.
Make a giant robin's egg East Egg
I showed how to make several versions of a “heart attack” for Valentine’s Day last year (1, 2, 3, 4) and I tried to think how I could do a similar idea for Easter…EGGED! A real egging is damaging and costly, but this one is much cuter and less threatening, non? And, per usual, I had to do it on a grand scale, cuz that’s what we do round here. I found this great robin’s egg tutorial, which helped guided me towards the right texture for the robin’s egg. I’m going to leave a few of these for some unsuspecting friends in the hood. Muhahaha.
Materials: robin’s egg blue (I used two shades of Martha Stewart’s paint collection like the tutorial. Here are the Amazon links: pond and surf, chestnut brown), GIANT plastic Easter Egg (got mine at Michael’s), paint brush, plastic primer spray, stone finish spray, goodies to put inside, toothbrush, paper to make a sign, green paper grass
Step 1: Spray the plastic egg with the plastic primer spray (not shown, forgot to take a picture, agh!) and wait for it to dry. Repeat if you’d like. I wasn’t super concerned about layering.
Step 2: Spray the stone spray on and let it dry. Repeat to fill in. Give it a full day to dry.
Step 3: Begin painting the egg the robin’s egg color. I kind of mixed the two blues and then for variation added patches of colors here in there.
Step 4: Dip the toothbrush in brown paint and flick it onto the egg with your finger like a slingshot. I would suggest doing it close to the egg so it doesn’t appear like a Pollack painting where it’s running down the egg.
Step 5: Add in your green grass. I used grass instead of moss because no one wants to accidentally eat moss. No one.
Step 6: Add in your robin’s egg candy. Mine were by Whoppers (sick, but appropriate)
Step 7: Cover with grass.
Step 8: I made a sign saying, “you’ve been egged” out of black paper and a gold pen to tape to the door.

Much cleaner than a normal egging, right?

photography and crafting by moi
model: Michelle Brummer Everett (thank you SO much!)