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gift guides + Life + Projects / Friday, 11 Dec 2015

Holiday gift guide: Crafters


I received a number of requests this year for a gift guide for beginning crafters. These are items we cannot live without!

  1. All purpose scissors. These ones are the best, hands down.
  2. Cricut cutting machine. We’ve been using ours nearly every day this year. Even more awesome if you know how to make your own designs in Illustrator and bring the designs in.
  3. Red glitter twine
  4. Gold glitter twine. I find that I used these twines all the time: for packaging, for hanging, for cutefying (it’s a word).
  5. Black glitter twine
  6. White butcher paper changes lives. It’s purposes are endless.
  7. Lo temp glue gun is probably all you need. Plus, it sticks to balloons!
  8. Fiskars paper trimmer. To get fast, exact lines.
  9. Beautiful scissors. These aren’t the best for cutting, but if you want to take pics, these are them!
  10. Self healing mat.
  11. Glass glitter (it’s the prettiest of all the glitters!) 
  12. Bone folder. Sure, you can make do without, but once you have it you’ll realize how great it is. Great for folding clean lines for paper crafting.
  13. craft knife. Get the comfy grip!
  14. Metal ruler. To go with the craft knife and the mat.
  15. Beautiful pen. So lovely!
  16. We love Creativebug for learning all sorts of rad crafty and artsy classes.

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gift guides + Life + Style / Monday, 7 Dec 2015

Holiday gift guide: beauty


I’m what the French call “les incompetents” (name that movie!) when it comes to beauty products, so I asked some beauty experts to give me the low down on what good beauty products/ accessories belong in stockings. Here they are in no particular order!

  1. Yellow sunglasses (love these, want these!) 
  2. Cutest rubber bands
  3. Mom’s Stuff Salve is the best stuff on the planet. It’s made locally here in Utah. 100% natural. Designed to soothe, nourish, heal skin. Antibacterial and antifungal. My friend, Zina, jokingly calls it Windex in our family (a la My Big Fat Greek Wedding) because if anything is wrong with your skin, try Mom’s Stuff!
  4. Finger earrings! 
  5. Beautiful light lip shade
  6. Elf lip exfoliator. Looks gross, works wonders.
  7. Matchbook nail file
  8. Waterproof brows. I think I’m finally getting the hang of how to do eye brows.
  9. I always thought my nemesis was purple, but somehow it creeped into my vocabulary this year
  10. We flower lovers need this sweet aroma
  11. Capri blue soap smells delish
  12. Brightening serum from Bare Minerals. The best! 
  13. The perfect shade of pink! 
  14. Gel setter
  15. The.Best. Hair spray
  16. One day I will master the cat eye and this will help me
  17. Rose salve. Love the floral aroma! 
  18. Beautiful blue nail polish
  19. Gold catch all

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christmas + Design + gift guides + holiday + Kids + Life / Wednesday, 3 Dec 2014

Holiday gift guide for kids

I may not have kids but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my eyes on some adorable toys and clothes for the holidays (and no, I’m not hinting at anything!). Here are some of my favorite gift ideas for kids for the holidays.

  1. Art print by Merrilee Liddiard
  2. Limited edition stuffed cats
  3. Beautiful covers from Puffin Classics by Anna Bond. It comes in Anne of Green Gables,
  4. Little Princess, Little Women, Heidi
  5. Yellow puffy toggle coat (I want one for me!)
  6. Red pom pom beanie
  7. Playful book by Merrilee Liddiad (the book I styled for!)
  8. Moccasins that I designed for Freshly Picked
  9. Soft crown
  10. Colorful onesie (getting this one for my new little niece!)
  11. Bracelet
  12. Sweater (I also want it for myself!) 
  13. Red knitted tie
  14. Blue suede boots
  15. Stuffed flamingo
  16. Flora and the Flamingo (I LOVE the illustrations on this one!)
  17. Alpaca stuffed apple pillow
  18. Magnolia the Bunny on Walnut Society
  19. Flamingo onesie
  20. Lumi the doll by Le Train Fantome

Illustration by Danielle Kroll

christmas + gift guides + holiday + Style / Tuesday, 18 Nov 2014

Lars Holiday Gift Guide: Kate Middleton

The holidays are in full swing here at Lars—I’ve been listening to Mannheim Steamroller’s Christmas on repeat!  Something’s got to get us through this cold! I’ve been doing better at preparing more in advance so the shopping and decorating aren’t as last minute as they usually are so I thought I’d prepare some holiday gift guides for you to help you find some awesome gifts for your loved ones. I’m kicking it off a gift guide inspired by Kate Middleton…because we all have a bit of duchess in us, non?!
When I think of Kate I think classic yet fresh, luxurious yet restrained, and of course globs of jewels! Here are some of my favorite items:

  1. Some lovely blush-tone earrings that would go everything–from Christmas to fancy to fun casual.
  2. A white winter hat to keep those ears warm and dressed up.
  3. A fancy planner because every royal needs to keep a calendar.
  4. A bejeweled golden clutch that goes with just about anything.
  5. A coordinating crystal necklace, which dresses up the simplest of forms.
  6. A cozy faux fur blanket for the crisp nights.
  7. Cozy metallic flats to get you around town comfortably—we don’t all have drivers.
  8. A colorful red faceted ring.
  9. An intricate bib necklace for a holiday party.
  10. An embellished jeweled dress (and reaches the knees, just like the Queen requested 😉
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