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collaborations + Party / Monday, 6 Apr 2015

Balloons, Books, & Babies Baby Shower

Balloons, books, and babies baby shower

A few weeks ago we held a baby shower for one my assisting contributors fashion illustrator, Victoria and her new baby, Anthem. Victoria was a big help to me over the holidays with my shop and 2 window displays I did for the holidays and I wanted to throw her a shower that reflected her fun and easy going personality. I asked her if she had any input and she mentioned that she thought a children’s book themed party could be fun, which is something I’ve wanted to try out so we started there. And because I’m somewhat obsessed with balloons these days, I added in a big helping of those too and turned it into a Balloons, Books, and Babies baby shower. No tie between the three other than the letter B and lots of charisma and being photogenic. I turned to my friends at Zurchers, a local and online party store, for the balloons and Chronicle Books, to make it happen and I love how it turned out AND we had a ball–double whammy!

Here’s the new mommy. Isn’t she adorable?!

balloons, books, babies baby shower

I got the main inspiration from this image that was one of the very first photos I ever put on my blog. I even toyed with the idea of doing it as a theme for our wedding 5 years ago, but realized that flowers might be a better way to go for us. After trying to figure out how to make it work, we decided to take it outside and turn it into a picnic as we enjoyed some early spring days (sorry East Coasters!).

BALLOONS, BOOKS, AND BABIES BABY SHOWERBalloon baby showerBalloon baby shower BALLOONS, BOOKS, AND BABIES BABY SHOWERBalloon baby shower BALLOONS, BOOKS, AND BABIES BABY SHOWERBalloon baby shower BALLOONS, BOOKS, AND BABIES BABY SHOWERBalloon baby shower Balloon baby shower

After we all cleaned up we just had to get our own shots to feel like Miss Dior. You know how it is. Here’s Hillary:Balloons and books baby shower

And the mama herself:Balloon baby shower

CarliBalloon baby shower

The photographer, Melissa:Balloon baby shower

And me:Balloon baby shower

I’ll be showing some of the fun craft projects we did (like the colorful layered cake) to make it happen. Stay tuned!

Photography by Melissa Leavitt  |  Balloons and partyware from Zurchers 

Book Club + Design + Life / Tuesday, 3 Apr 2018

Artful board books for babies

Artful board books for babies

I thought reading books to a newborn would be a little premature, but I’ve been shocked at how much attention Baby J pays to each and every page I show him. He looks intently–maybe it’s because he really doesn’t have much choice in the matter. Ha! While I’ve been “reading” him these books, I’m astonished at cleverly written and illustrated they are. There’s a lot you can pack into one cardboard page! I’ve found quite a number of really beautiful, clever, and artful books for baby and I thought you might be interested in them too. There are some goodies here!

The round up includes books written by famous artists, illustrated by famous artists, or a focus on explaining about famous artist and art in general. Do you have any to add to the list? Please add in the comments!

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Design + Life / Monday, 18 Dec 2017

Journals for mommy and baby

Journaling for baby and mommy

My co-workers recently surprised me with a gift, a childhood Promptly Journal for my upcoming baby. They know me so well. I’ve been an active documenter since I was young, which probably explains how I grew into being a full-time blogger. I have scores of journals at my parent’s house detailing the (I’m sure boring) details of my life growing up. It was a time without Internet and social media so everything was written by hand and looking back, it was quite therapeutic and a great way to capture my thoughts and close out the day. Not a single day would go by without writing at least “too tired to write tonight. more tomorrow”. At least it kept me consistent!

Though I’ve been out of the loop of actively handwriting my thoughts in a journal for quite some time now, no doubt thanks to this here blog, I’ve recently taken it up again now that I’ve got a major life change ahead with the new baby next month and all the adorable baby books are too cute to pass up. With the journal from my ladies, I’ve also come across a few other baby books and journals for baby/mommy that I’m also stoked about and I thought you might also be interested in some beautiful and practical ways to document your little one. Take a look at them below!  Read on →

Baby shower + collaborations + Party + Projects / Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Baby shower children’s book game

Children's book baby shower

Yes! There’s still a few more baby shower idea posts! The theme for the shower was Balloons, Books, and Baby and the major “entertainment” was left to the guests. It’s hard finding good baby shower games that don’t involve diapers and melted chocolate, no? So, everyone was instructed to bring a children’s book to gift to Victoria and baby and Chronicle Books pitched in and supplied some of their gorgeous editions. Because we were working with some clever creatives (though I don’t think you have to necessarily have an interested in crafts to recreate the game) we asked everyone to bring the book wrapped like the book so we could play a game of “Guess That Book“, which turned out to be  a lot of fun. People BROUGHT it! We had to throw in some classics so we’d all stand a better chance. But now I’m going to leave it up to you to “Guess that book!” (answers after the jump).  Balloonbabyshower-14Balloonbabyshower-143

Any guesses yet? If you don’t get the one above, you might have trouble with the rest…
children's book baby showerBalloonbabyshower-106Balloonbabyshower-16

Any guesses yet? Well, take a look below to check them all out.

Photography by Melissa Leavitt  |  Books provided by Chronicle Books 
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Life + Projects + Style / Tuesday, 11 Apr 2017

Mother’s Day Floral Chatbook

Mother's Day floral chatbook

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Sunday, May 14th, for those of you who may have forgotten 😉 I don’t know about you, but I always have high hopes when it comes to gifts for my mom. I want to pick out the perfect gift, plan the best trip, or send the most beautiful flowers! However, more often than not, life happens and I fall short of my expectations. Not this year folks! We were privileged to design some covers for Chatbooks, (see our graduation covers here) and we decided to include some designs tailored specifically for the women who matter most in your life! Whether that be your mother or your grandmother or even your sister, aunt, or best friend, Mother’s Day is the ideal opportunity to show your appreciation and love with this gorgeous floral chatbook.

Find out how to get 10% off your entire order below!

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