Rainbow Ombre Advent Calendar


Rainbow Ombre Advent Calendar

Advent Calendars have always been one of my favorite holiday traditions. They seem to make the build-up to Christmas that much more exciting. Each day holds a little surprise and a reminder of the big event! We tapped into our love of rainbows to create a Rainbow Ombre Advent Calendar. Each day counting down to Christmas is represented by a different color bag, filled with coordinating colored toys, treats, or trinkets! We partnered with Brother to create festive P-Touch Embellish ribbons stating days 1 to 25, to tuck into each bag. You, your partner, or your little ones, will have a blast discovering a new treasure each day, not to mention it makes a beautiful display on your wall!

Get the full tutorial for the Dyed Rainbow Advent Calendar below

Paper Candle Christmas Tree Ornament


As a girl, I loved helping to decorate the tree each year for Christmas. I would carefully unwrap each ornament and place it on the tree. My favorites were always the vintage clip-on candles and birds from my Grandma. Recently I’ve seen a resurgence of this type of ornament and I love it! I decided I could make a pretty similar rendition using paper and it would be a lot cheaper too.  It’s a very common Scandinavian tradition to decorate your tree with candles, so this Paper Candle Christmas Tree Ornament is a little homage to my roots! All you need is small baking liners, paper, and glitter and you’ll have a tree all aglow in no time!

Paper Candle Christmas Tree Ornament

Check out the step by step photos to create your own paper candle ornaments!

DIY Felt Holly Wreath

DIY felt and pom pom holly Christmas wreath

by contributor Kathleen Ballos of Snowdrop and Co

Browsing vintage items on Etsy is a never-ending source of inspiration for me. You really never know what you’re going to find! For today’s holiday project, I was inspired by this vintage brooch I stumbled upon a few months ago. I love how festive it is – it actually reminded me of Brittany’s oversized berry and holly garland from a few years ago! The brooch already looks like a mini wreath, so I simply made red pom-poms to be the berries and cut green felt into leaves, and voila! A DIY felt holly wreath! I’m already thinking of making another one in muted colors, with some glitter applied onto the edges of the leaves. For now, though, I’m excited to hang this wreath on my door to celebrate this Christmas season!

DIY Crepe paper holly

DIY Paper Holly boughs
These DIY crepe paper holly boughs are the perfect holiday decoration. They are super versatile as well. You could make an arrangement, incorporate them into a garland, stick them in a tree, or just dance around with one in each hand spreading Christmas cheer. I placed individual boughs in vintage glass bottles I found at a vintage store (for about $1 apiece!) and placed them on my mantel at home. It’s my one Christmas decoration of the year and I love, love, love them! This DIY paper holly tutorial will take you step by step through the process and soon you’ll be up to your knees in this festive greenery.

Day 2: Printable St. Lucia crown

Printable St. Lucia crown

I joined up with a group of Scandinavian bloggers to create a Swedish Advent Calendar: 24 days of posts from 24 different bloggers, each consisting of a Scandinavian inspired project. So mysigt! That means cozy in Swedish 😉 You can find the project for Day 1 by Gina Vide at Willowday and tomorrow’s post with Pysselbolaget as well as a list of the other participants. I’m so excited to see them all!

Today, St. Lucia’s Day is celebrated in all of Scandinavia. Traditionally, girls wear white dresses and red sashes, each with an evergreen crown of candles atop her head. A procession is then held in each town or school and carols are sung. It’s such a lovely sight! I can’t forget to mention that Pepparkakor (Swedish gingersnaps), Lussekatar (sweet saffron buns), and glogg (a mulled cider), are usually accompanied. Are you sold yet? St. Lucia Day is such a cozy holiday and I think it’s a shame we don’t celebrate it here in the states. Insert: A printable St. Lucia Crown! Skip the frigid winter and enjoy carols and sweets all while looking like a Scandinavian Princess in the comfort of your own home!

DIY Oversized paper stockings

DIY Oversized StockingsWe clearly love oversized projects here now that I think about it… Go big or go home, right? These are such a fun twist on the traditional stockings and I love the whimsical look of them. The bonus is they are no-sew and made from paper and party supplies that are easily accessible and cheap. Our favorite type of project! We went with a more traditional red, green, and silver palette, but you can customize the colors you use to your liking! Whether you decide to use them strictly for home decor or use them for your bits and bobbles on Christmas Eve (Caution: you are going to need a LOT of bits and bobbles to fills those guys), these DIY oversized paper stockings make a perfect addition to your Christmas decor. So let’s turn on some Mannheim Steamroller and deck the halls!

Oversized Holly and Berry Garland Video

oversized-holly-and-berry-paper-garlandTis’ the season for mistletoe, berries, and holly leaves! This is one of our favorite projects here at Lars, and it seems to be one of yours too! This oversized holly and berry garland was originally created to spice up my Mom’s holiday decorations and few years back (you can find the tutorial here). However, the end result was more than I could have hoped for. We made this video to take you step-by-step through the process, so you too can deck the halls with beautiful boughs of oversized holly!

DIY Gingerbread gift box video

DIY gingerbread gift box

You guys responded so well to our DIY gingerbread houses that we decided to take it one step further and record it for our YouTube Channel. It’s as easy as a cardboard box, glue, and paint pen. Plus, it would be so lovely as home decor without turning it into a gift box! And you wouldn’t have to worry about little critters or eating it afterward 😉 

Weekend inspiration and holiday cards

Brittany and Paul JepsenGirl in milk maid braids Christmas card

I wanted to share with you the holiday cards we sent out this year. We used our card that we designed for Modify Ink and MATCHED my new favorite dress (a vintage 60s Oscar de la Renta from Maeberry Vintage) to the cards. Because that’s the beauty of Modify Ink, you can customize all the colors! Remember these Modify Ink holiday cards we made last year? It challenged me to add in a bit of purple here and there (purple is not on my favorites list) and I love how it turned out especially with the touches of reds and yellows. We were lucky to get an appointment with the incomparable Justin Hackworth for a portrait. I always find it funny to send out cards as a couple without kids, especially with how “online” we are, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to have some pretty cards sent out.

How’s your New Year’s so far?

Fun links and inspiration for your weekend:

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Happy weekend! What were your favorite reads/listens/watches this week? 

Holiday cards of Lars’ past

If you’re stuck in your search for holiday card ideas, you’re in luck! We’ve created plenty of holiday cards throughout the years! In addition to the Modify Ink cards above, we also have made cards with Vistaprint and Artifact Uprising! For 2020, we created an incredibly honest holiday card that you can view here. View this post for more holiday card ideas and weekend inspiration!

Foiled Christmas tree plans



Greetings from California! I’m celebrating the holidays with my family in sunny Southern California (sayonara snow!) and finishing up the last work of the season. I had big plans of decorating my 7.5′ pink Christmas tree (the blogger favorite, it turns out), but alas, I ended up running out of time. So, I blew up some balloons and hung them as ornaments. If I had spent some time on it I would have gone to town with the tinsel, but this holiday was all about cutting back and sadly, the tree received the brunt of it. Waaaaaa. Next year I’ll try and create the vision I had in mind for it. Maybe…christmas tree balloon

And can you see that I’ve begun painting the walls of the studio? Because the brick walls are so old, the mortar is quite fragile and it crumbles super easily. It would be a lot easier if we sprayed the place, but having no experience spraying, we decided to paint it the traditional rollers and it takes forever! We find ourselves stabbing the mortar with our brushes and not making much headway. And we couldn’t find anyone this time of year to do it, so DIY here we go!

DIY decorations for your Christmas tree

If you have more time to decorate your tree than I did, take a look at some of our DIY tutorials and inspiration! In place of ornaments (or in addition to ornaments!), try these paper candles! We also have tutorials for paper fruit ornaments, honeycomb ornaments, and family photo heirloom ornaments. We also have ornaments available in the Lars shop! Don’t forget about a tree skirt! Check out our tutorial for how to make an applique tree skirt here.

If you don’t know where to start, why not take a look at some grand Christmas trees? We’ve compiled some of our favorite Christmas tree inspiration! You can view the post here to get some ideas for your own tree! Browse more holiday decorating inspiration in the Lars archives!

I have one more blog post for you tomorrow before I sign off completely until next year. Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have a lovely holiday filled with good spirits and good people.

pink tree from Wayfair

Holiday gift guide: my wishlist

Ahh! Trying to narrow my entire Pinterest board of 26,000 pins into one 20 and under list. Impossible. Here’s my own personal holiday wishlist for 2016! Also, be sure to check out more holiday gift guides below!

  1. Pink vase
  2. Eye artwork by Kate Zaremba, now unavailable, but you can check out her full shop! Check out Kate’s artist feature here.
  3. Green socks from Hansel from Basel
  4. Sperry boots from J. Crew. Find a similar pair here.
  5. Cute mug. You can find a similar one from the same shop here.
  6. Blue boots, or a similar pair here.
  7. Red journal. I bought this one in blue and I’m thinking of getting a whole stash so I have them for life. You can find a similar one from Papier here (plus, they have tons of cute patterned journals!).
  8. Silver platform brogues. The new neutral. Find a similar pair here.
  9. Rad necklace, now sold out, but you can view all of their jewelry here.
  10. Wood flashlight from Areaware. Find a similar penlight version here.
  11. Paule Marrot artwork. I love love love her work.
  12. Eve mattress. King size, please.
  13. Silver tie ups. Loving silver these days! Find a similar pair here.
  14. Another rad necklace, now unavailable, but you can find a similar one here.
  15. Blue and pink plaid dress, now unavailable, but you can view a summery version here.
  16. Pink boots. Find a similar pair here.
  17. Socks
  18. Keyholder. You can find a similar one here.
  19. Pink and red snack bowl
  20. Cecil Beaton’s The Art of the Scrapbook

What’s on your holiday wishlist? Let me know in the comments!

Lars holiday gift guide compilation

Whether you’re gathering ideas for yourself or others, you can find many different styles and ideas throughout our holiday gift guide compilation. We have so many gift guides in the archives, you’ll be able to shop for ANYONE on your list! Our most recent gift guides include lists of items under $100, under $50, under $25, and a kid’s gift guide! We also have some special versions of our gift guides, including one for crafters, beauty enthusiasts, and a guide with Kate Middleton inspired items! View the whole list of gift guides here.

DIY wood bead garland

I’ve loved the use of wood beads that have started to pop up in handmade and lifestyle products. Wanting to bring a touch of the soft wood with a modern shape to my holiday decorating, we created this twist on traditional garlands and color schemes and played up the bright pops of color and patterns to add more festive cheer to our mini tree. Read below for the full DIY wood bead garland tutorial!