DIY Gingerbread gift box video

DIY gingerbread gift box

You guys responded so well to our DIY gingerbread houses that we decided to take it one step further and record it for our YouTube Channel. It’s as easy as a cardboard box, glue, and paint pen. Plus, it would be so lovely as home decor without turning it into a gift box! And you wouldn’t have to worry about little critters or eating it afterward 😉 

This week and belated holiday greetings

Scandinavian inspired Christmas cardBrittany and Paul JepsenGirl in milk maid braids Christmas card

It’s the first full week into the new year and I still don’t feel my normal self yet. Like, I kind of need 3 more months of a break. Anyone else? Maybe I’ll take Lars on the rode and we’ll blog from France for the rest of the year or something. Yeah, that sounds like a sound idea.

I wanted to share with you the holiday cards we sent out this year. We used our card that we designed for Modify Ink and MATCHED my new favorite dress (a vintage 60s Oscar de la Renta from Maeberry Vintage) to the cards. Because that’s the beauty of Modify Ink, you can customize all the colors! It challenged me to add in a bit of purple here and there (purple is not on my favorites list) and I love how it turned out especially with the touches of reds and yellows. We were lucky to get an appointment with the incomparable Justin Hackworth for a portrait. I always find it funny to send out cards as a couple without kids, especially with how “online” we are, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to have some pretty cards sent out.

How’s your New Year’s so far?

Fun links for your weekend:

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Design Sponge released some of their favorite Paper Flower artists. So gorgeous!

Pretty photos about food

I’ve been feeling a lot of this lately. I love the idea of taking it back to the imperfect nature. Thoughts? 

Oh Joy is releasing their new line of products with Target! 

This was our favorite podcast from our trip to California

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I love listening to these informal interviews with actors as I work. I loved this one in particular

Are you watching the Golden Globes on Sunday? 

Extra 25% sale items at Anthro! 

Trisha, who we use a lot for photography, is working on the raddest stop motion and she’s giving us some sneaks

My friend’s doggie got into an accident and she’s trying to raise money to pay for the surgery costs. Find more info here.


Happy weekend! What were your favorite reads/listens/watches this week? 

Foiled Christmas tree plans


balloons christmas tree

Greetings from California! I’m celebrating the holidays with my family in sunny Southern California (sayonara snow!) and finishing up the last work of the season. I had big plans of decorating my 7.5′ pink Christmas tree (the blogger favorite, it turns out), but alas, I ended up running out of time. So, I blew up some balloons and hung them as ornaments. If I had spent some time on it I would have gone to town with the tinsel, but this holiday was all about cutting back and sadly, the tree received the brunt of it. Waaaaaa. Next year I’ll try and create the vision I had in mind for it. Maybe…christmas tree balloon

And can you see that I’ve begun painting the walls of the studio? Because the brick walls are so old, the mortar is quite fragile and it crumbles super easily. It would be a lot easier if we sprayed the place, but having no experience spraying, we decided to paint it the traditional rollers and it takes forever! We find ourselves stabbing the mortar with our brushes and not making much headway. And we couldn’t find anyone this time of year to do it, so DIY here we go!

I have one more blog post for you tomorrow before I sign off completely until next year. Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have a lovely holiday filled with good spirits and good people.

pink tree from Wayfair

Holiday gift guide: my wishlist



Ahh! Trying to narrow my entire Pinterest board of 26,000 pins into one 20 and under list. Impossible. Here’s my own personal wishlist for 2016!

  1. Pink vase
  2. Eye artwork by Kate Zaremba
  3. Green socks from Hansel from Basel
  4. Sperry boots
  5. Cute mug
  6. Blue boots
  7. Red journal. I bought this one in blue and I’m thinking of getting a whole stash so I have them for life.
  8. Silver platform brogues. The new neutral.
  9. Rad necklace
  10. Wood flashlight from Areaware
  11. Paule Marrot artwork. I love love love her work.
  12. Eve mattress. King size please.
  13. Silver tie ups. Loving silver these days!
  14. Another rad necklace
  15. Blue and pink plaid dress
  16. Pink boots
  17. Socks
  18. Key holder
  19. Pink and red snack bowl
  20. Cecil Beaton’s The Art of the Scrapbook

DIY wood bead garland

I’ve loved the use of wood beads that have started to pop up in handmade and lifestyle products. Wanting to bring a touch of the soft wood with a modern shape to my holiday decorating, we created this twist on traditional garlands and color schemes, and played up the bright pops of color and patterns to add more festive cheer to our mini tree.

Blast from the past holiday

Share a coke blast from the past holiday party with The House That Lars Built

The holidays seem to bring a nostalgic tone, don’t they? Reminders of our childhood or even of different eras from the past with the music of Nat King Cole’s Holiday song playing in the background while sipping hot cocoa. It’s part of the magic of Christmas! I was giddy to partner with Coca-Cola with their Share a Coke campaign as the image of Coca-Cola is such a clear picture of a classic and fun holiday. With their retro glass bottle shape, they were such a blast from the past that we had to throw a holiday party in the same tone.

We found royalty free images of cute houses, cars, and trees that we turned black and white, cut out, and painted on top to create a little snowed in holiday town and added in the Coke bottles to act as name tags for each guest topped with bells and ribbons. As you’ve probably seen, their Share a Coke campaign features various names and this season, for a limited-time, it’s names like the 8 reindeer (Dasher & Dancer, Prancer & Vixen, Comet & Cupid, Donner & Blitzen) as well as Santa, Mrs. Claus, Elves, Santa’s Helper, Someone Naughty, Someone Nice, Under the Mistletoe. They’re pretty adorable. And! You can even order your own customized bottles! I printed out pictures of my family and created tags to go on each one. I had a ball picking out who would be with which bottle. Clearly, Dad had to be Santa and Mom had to be Mrs. Clause. I gave myself “Someone Naughty” because it’s only fair, and Paul I gave “Under the Mistletoe, because, well, you know…;)Share a coke blast from the past holiday party with The House That Lars BuiltShare a coke blast from the past holiday party with The House That Lars BuiltShare a coke blast from the past holiday party with The House That Lars BuiltShare a coke blast from the past holiday party with The House That Lars Built

We’ve provided everything you will need to create this scene including the free downloads of the village. All you need now is to print it off, add some adornment, and get some Cokes.

Chocolate Tiramisu Layer Cake


Chocolate Tiramisu Cake

by contributor Sarah Coates of The Sugar Hit 

Here in Australia it’s the middle of Summer. It’s hot, the mangoes are cheap and plentiful, and it’s a little hard to get right into the Christmas spirit. We all read the classic Christmas books, and watch Hollywood holiday movies just like everyone else. And it’s hard to ignore the snow falling in every scene, the cozy looking log fires, and everyone wearing ugly, snuggly sweaters.

I’ll be honest with you…I’m a little jealous. Summer is great! I’m not denying that for a second. But when the Christmas tree is up, even after 25 years, it still feels a little wrong to be heading to the beach to go swimming. And that’s why I find myself gravitating to desserts like this one that look as if they’re carpeted in snow.

This Chocolate Tiramisu Layer Cake is almost a lazy person’s Buche de Noel; if you squint, it could easily be a snow-covered log fresh from the forest floor. But I love the way that with its thick swathes of mascarpone frosting, and draped redcurrants, it looks like it’s come from the holiday banquet of some Frost Queen’s castle. Like the food of Narnia, if Narnia wasn’t so obsessed with Turkish Delight. The recipe itself couldn’t be simpler, and it dispenses with the raw eggs of traditional tiramisu. The layers are an easy chocolate sponge that takes only minutes to bake in a sheet pan, and the layers are then brushed with coffee and slathered in a mascarpone mix, sweetened and flavoured with vanilla and a dash of rum (extra holiday spirit!). This is the perfect thing for a holiday dinner, whether it actually is freezing, or you just wish it was. Happy Holidays!

Holiday wrapping paper printables



Contributor Monica Lynch designed these adorable holiday wrapping papers and coordinating gift cards just in time for some Christmas goodies! I love the non-traditional direction she took with it: hot cocoa and peppermint pattern, smores with mallows and graham crackers (topped with origami mallows on a stick, of course!), and painted ribbons. They’re all available to download for free. All you have to do is print them off! And if you’re feeling extra festive here’s a fun class on the proper way to wrap gifts (because you never realize that there is proper technique until you’re in the thick of it!).ribbon-wrapping-paperfree-printable-wrapping-paper-for-christmas-12

Retrieve the files below! And find out how to make the origami marshmallows.

This week



Guys, I have a case of the Ebenezer Scrooge! We haven’t done much Christmas anything. I’m preferring to stay home and get things done and eat Trader Joe’s Jo Jos. I think with the upcoming year I should learn how to take a chill pill and maybe…exercise? Well, I guess we did one Christmasy thing while my mom was here over Thanksgiving. This. Christmas in Color here in Utah where you drive through this maze of lights synced with all sorts of Christmas tunes. It’s super rad.

AND, for all you on Snapchat (my favorite thing to do as of late), I decided to do 24 Days of Christmas Karaoke/Lip Sync, which is basically me revealing too much about what goes on behind the scenes of all of our “calm” pictures.

Happy weekend! Do something joyful!

Links for your weekend!

Win a bike! (like from our bikes here!)

Buy one get one free at Creativebug, for al you wanting to take some art and craft classes! 

I’m loving following along on Heather Bullard’s France trip! 

The history of ballet bodies. So interesting! Especially hearing my mom’s take on it (she and her sister danced with the NYC Ballet with Balanchine!) 

It’s baaaaack! 

Gorgeous mural

all my floral dreams coming true

I want this just for the cover. And the more I learn about her, the more I like her.


photo by Jessica Peterson from our shoot with Benefit. More behind the scenes photos next week! 

DIY Ceramic bells



I’ve seen a lot of ceramic bells lately, especially on Instagram at the homes of some really inspiring and creative people. So I thought that I would try to make something myself. But since I don’t have access to clay or a kiln, I’ve been looking for something similar to reuse. I found these small bell shaped ceramic cups at the flea market and I thought it would be fun to turn them into decorative bells. The cups have a bit of a pastel colors but in another color scheme with some metallic paint they would also be perfect for Christmas!


photos and project by contributor Therese Wikman of Miss Vintage Valentine 

How to wrap heirloom picture frames and free download wrapping paper


You know the type–the person who has everything they need and are impossible to shop for (my Secret Santa name this year, for example!). What do you do? One thing I like to do is to give a gift in the form of a framed picture. It’s meaningful, it’s something they don’t have, and you can never have too many framed pictures. It’s a trusty default.

I’ve partnered up with Preservation and Creation once again (remember the advent city and name tags?) to show you how to give to the person who has everything. And it’s perfect for last minute shoppers (guilty!). Find out below how you can get 30% off their prints!preservation-and-creation-canvas-prints-3-preservation-and-creation-canvas-prints-6preservation-and-creation-canvas-prints-36

One way to add extra love into an heirloom gift is through the wrapping. As you all know by now, I believe a well-wrapped gift can add value and sentiment to the actual gift. We came up with a free printable wrapping paper that is worthy of being hung up on a wall too. It’s a couple of black and white Dutch baroque paintings that are absolute stunners! With a ribbon completing the look, it would be a fun discovery for the recipient on Christmas morning.

3 Hot chocolate sundaes with Godiva


hot chocolate sundae recipesNothing rings in the holidays more than delicious hot chocolate and giving, so this holiday season I’m thrilled to partner with GODIVA to help warm our hearts and hands with hot chocolate along with meaningful ways to give. A great combo! We wanted to do our own special take on the traditional hot chocolate to celebrate GODIVA’s partnership with Toys for Tots this season, where from December 1st until the 15th of December, they are donating $1 to children in need with every cup of hot chocolate beverage you purchase at their store. Doing good by drinking chocolate? Yes, please!

We came up with three unique hot chocolate sundae recipes (ice cream and hot chocolate? Oh my!) made from GODIVA’s Hot Chocolate and each with their own “toy” topper in honor of the partnership: gingerbread hot chocolate sundae with a singing in the rain gingerbread man toy topper, peppermint hot chocolate sundae with a peppermint toy topper, dark chocolate caramel swirl with caramel marshmallows toy toppers. Guys, prepare to be dazzled.

Gingerbread hot chocolate sundae