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Crafts + DIY + Life + Projects / Monday, 13 Mar 2017

The Ultimate Bow Guide

The ultimate Bow Guide

You wouldn’t think that something so trivial as a bow could be so difficult to execute, but you’d be sorely mistaken. Of course, we all know how to tie a shoe, yet that is hardly comparable to gift bows! Have you ever seen a Tiffany’s jewelry box? Their signature blue box with the perfect white bow on top is an art! I’m sure it’s part of their employee training. The world of silk and grosgrain ribbon is in a league of its own and at times requires a few pointers and tips. That’s where we come in! We have decided to create the ultimate bow guide, complete with step-by-step instructions on how to complete seven types of bows. There are bows ranging from super simple to more involved, and one for every occasion. So what are you waiting for? Put a bow on it!

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City guides + coloring + travel / Monday, 29 Aug 2016

Guide to Provo, Utah

Guide to Provo Utah

This post has been a long time in the making, folks. I’ve been wanting to do a feature on Provo, Utah, where I’ve now lived for three years, but as you know, it takes awhile to feel situated and like you’ve been able to experience a lot in your town. I’m a terrible social planner. But I know you’ve been on the edge of your seat waiting for it to come out, so so sit back, it’s time to explore everyone’s top bucket list location, Provo, Utah. AND, good news, while you’re traveling to get here, you can color it in with this handy dandy coloring page, free to download. Read on →

Life + travel / Wednesday, 2 Sep 2015

Guide to Spring City, Utah

Guide to Spring City, Utah

A few weeks ago I was invited to go down to Spring City with some friends to celebrate Pioneer Day, a state holiday here in Utah. We were guided around the town by Spring City native, Zina Bennion, whose family settled there in the 70s and helped turn it into the artist destination that it is today. Zina is a wealth of knowledge about many things but especially about Utah history and artists as both of her parents are well-respected artists and she grew up immersed in that community. Today, we are lucky to hear the full guide to Spring City.

And you might be wondering why you even need to know about this little town in Nowheresville, Utah. I would have wondered the same thing before visiting. Guys, this place is a little piece of magic. Only this town and Williamsburg, VA are listed as complete towns on the national history registry. and Forbes listed it as one of the top prettiest towns in America. And I had never even heard of it until a few months ago. We need to change that people!

We’re releasing the guide today just in time for Labor Day, when the annual Artist’s Studio tour and plein air competition takes place. If you haven’t made Labor Day plans yet, I’d strongly suggest going!

So, without further ado, here’s Zina!

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DIY + holiday + Projects / Thursday, 7 Dec 2017

Paper Mushroom Wreath

Paper Mushroom Wreath

One of the best parts of the holiday season is the ample opportunities to give! There’s no greater feeling than giving someone a truly meaningful gift. If you’re like me, you probably have a long list of people to give to and that can be a little overwhelming. Though our gift guides can help you there if you’re interested! But what do you get for those older and wiser loved ones? Grandparents, Godparents, mentors, and more; they are some of the most important people in our lives, but maybe the hardest to give gifts! So this year we decided to step up our game.

Who doesn’t love a dose of Christmas cheer on their front door? Yes, we’re talking about wreaths! They are the quintessential Christmas decor item and a lovely addition to any home! As an ode to our love of Scandinavia, we jazzed up a store-bought wreath with paper mushrooms. It’s such an easy project and the perfect touch of winter woodland whimsy! But that’s not all…

Paper Mushroom Wreath

In addition to our paper mushroom wreath, we’re giving our grandparents the gift of life with Bay Alarm Medical Device. As those we hold near and dear to our hearts get a little older, it can be hard not to constantly worry about them. Thankfully with Bay Alarm Medical Device, you can rest assured that your loved ones will always be taken care of. With 24/7 help at the touch of a button, both in and out of their home, you won’t have that constant worry in the back of your mind and neither will your loved one! Can you think of a better gift and peace of mind? I chatted with my Grandma beforehand about the Bay Alarm Medical Device to make sure she would be on board with the idea. To my delight, she was just as thrilled about it as I was!

Continue for Bay Alarm Details and step-by-step photos for the paper mushroom wreath!

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christmas + DIY + Projects / Monday, 10 Dec 2018

Family Photo Heirloom Ornaments

I mentioned about a month ago that I sent in my 23andMe kit and that I was anxiously awaiting the results. (see the post here if you missed it!) Well, I got my reports back and I want to share my findings with you. The 23andMe DNA service makes the most amazing Christmas gifts if you’re still struggling to find the perfect thing! I got these for my parents, and they absolutely loved them! Read on →