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DIY + Life + printable / Monday, 2 Jul 2018

Birthday Bucket List

Birthday Bucket List

Birthdays are one of our favorite things to celebrate and we celebrate an awful lot of them during the summer! No complaints here. A member of the Lars team had a great idea to seek out some of her friend’s favorite things so she could add them to her own bucket list! She wanted to know their favorite book, Netflix show, flower, restaurant, etc.. so she could try them out within the next year. What a sweet idea, right?! So we made a printable template that you can use to hand or send to friends to fill out and return. You’ll end up with loads of new suggestions, plenty to keep you busy with for the next 12 months! What a wonderful birthday present, right? We’re thinking of making this a tradition! Just alter the questions, (or keep them the same) and send them out year after year.

Choose between two different versions to download!

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DIY + Party + Projects / Thursday, 7 Jun 2018

Floral Numbers Birthday Cake Topper

Floral Number Birthday Cake TopperIn case you didn’t know: June is the unofficial birthday month! At least here at the Lars Studio 🙂 Four members of our team have June Birthdays! Where are all my Geminis at?! Queen Elizabeth also officially celebrates her birthday in June. The royal affair is known as the Trooping of the Colours. This grand celebration includes the royal guard, a procession for the Queen, and the gathering of the royal family. Which means we’ll get to see the newlyweds again! Any guesses on what Meghan will wear?

Floral Number Birthday Cake Topper

If you happen to be celebrating any birthdays this month, or this summer, this Floral Numbers Birthday Cake Topper is a sweet way to honor them! Simply mold wire into the number you want and cover with fringed crepe or tissue paper! Tiny paper flowers make the numbers appear to be blossoming vines! Fun fact: Queen Elizabeth’s favorite flower is the primrose, but she also adores wildflowers. So she’d surely approve of this cake topper.

Make your own Floral Number Birthday Cake Topper! 

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birthday + DIY + Party + Projects / Thursday, 4 Jan 2018

DIY Happy Birthday Banners

DIY Happy Birthday Banners

A new year means another birthday is on the horizon! I know a lot of people who get to a point in their life when they don’t want to draw any attention to their birthdays. Those people and I don’t get along very well. There is always reason to celebrate your birthday! Plus, who would pass up an opportunity to throw a party or eat cake? Not to mention the balloons! So whether you’re planning your own birthday is fast approaching or your planning a party for a friend, we have the perfect party decor for you! These DIY Happy Birthday Banners are bright and bold and say it all! Print off these quintessential birthday phrases in whatever colors you want, and you’ve got a party!

Download the letter templates to make your own DIY Happy Birthday Banners!

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Party + Projects + video / Thursday, 14 Sep 2017

3 Easy Birthday Party Hacks with Netflix

Birthday hacks with Netflix

Does birthday party planning ever seem to overwhelm you? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about extravagant shindigs, but sometimes I just want to hit the easy button on the whole ordeal. Fortunately for me (and you!), Netflix was thinking the same thing! They’ve come up with an easy solution for all you out there planning birthdays for your little ones! Stress no more, because starting today, Netflix is launching 15 on-demand birthday videos that you simply press play on and your kid’s favorite TV characters will sing Happy Birthday especially for them – or so they’ll think (your secret’s safe with me).
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Party + printable + Projects / Wednesday, 15 Feb 2017

Printable birthday Cake Chandelier

DIY Printable birthday cake

You can never have too much cake, right?! We made this cake chandelier a few years ago and thought it might be handy to have a printable version too.  It’s like a classed up piñata! You could actually use it as a piñata if you wanted, but we think it might be too pretty to put a bat to. It’s a whimsical addition that would look lovely at any birthday celebration, or even in a child’s bedroom. It’s been topped off with cut out cupcake liners. So easy! And they go super well with our printable birthday crowns.

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