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Dress the rainbow + Style / Sunday, 16 Aug 2015

Day 40 of Dress The Rainbow

Liz Stanley

Day 40 of Dress The Rainbow in denim with the delightful Liz Stanley of the lifestyle blog,  Say Yes.

Liz has been a huge supporter of my work over the years and has helped me turn blogging into my full time job. In addition to her role as a mentor, one of my favorite things about her is her quest for learning. She took a month off of work (!?!?) to focus on improving her creative skills and finding her focus and she came back better than ever. One of my favorite blog columns on the web called, My Sister My Sidekick. Take a lookie. It’s so good.

Photography by Lindsey Orton

See the outtakes below and shop the post! 

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Dress the rainbow + Style / Saturday, 15 Aug 2015

Day 39 of Dress The Rainbow

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

Day 39 of Dress The Rainbow in bright blue with YouTuber and videographer Hailey Devine, who rocks my creative world and lights up earth with her beautiful films and joyous presence. Her YouTube Channel is super new but already has a strong following and grows by the day. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on a couple of projects now (she did this cute stop motion for me!) and each time I come away thinking that I wish we could do it all day everyday.

Thanks to Brad, her husband for filming!

Check out her YouTube channel here!

Shop bright blue below!

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Dress the rainbow + Style / Friday, 14 Aug 2015

Day 38 of Dress the Rainbow


Day 39 of Dress the Rainbow in blue with my friend, Mary Lee. You’ve heard me talk about Mary in the past and we worked together on the huge Halloween shoot from last year. Mary might be the most wildly creative person and is a friend to all.

But today Mary wears blue for her young friend, 15 year old Baylee. On July 5, 2015, Baylee was burned in an accident on over 56% of her body and today she is fighting for her life in the University of Utah burn center, where they anticipate she will be for at least 8 months if not longer. Please read her story here and consider donating anything (even $5 helps!). And find out her updates here. She’s full of life though her living conditions have changed and I admire her for her tenacity and faith.

Mary made this image of Baylee (it’s not permanent! Don’t worry city of Orem!) and dyed her hair blue in her honor and as a way to spread awareness. Let’s support Baylee and her family!

Find out more information about Baylee here and support her here.

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Dress the rainbow + Style / Thursday, 13 Aug 2015

Day 37 of Dress The Rainbow

Dress the Rainbow in blue

Day 37 of Dress The Rainbow in cornflower blue.

Shop Cornflower below! And shop this exact dress here (now on sale!)

photo by Alexa Jorgenson

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Dress the rainbow + Style / Thursday, 13 Aug 2015

First 36 days of Dress the Rainbow

Dress the Rainbow

It’s shaping up folks! Look at how each color blends with the next. I can’t keep my eyes off the rainbow it’s making!

If you’re new to Dress the Rainbow, check it out here! And feel free to participate with the tag #DressTheRainbow and if you’d like to see just the photos I’m taking, check out my own tag #LarsDressTheRainbow.