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Dress the rainbow + Style / Wednesday, 12 Aug 2015

Day 36 of Dress The Rainbow

CK Wooley of Shabby Apple
Day 36 of Dress The Rainbow with Athelia “CK” Wooley of Shabby Apple. CK started the women’s vintage-inspired clothing company, Shabby Apple in 2006 as a way to empower women through the way they dress. They are committed to empowering women in the work place. I’ve been more of an admirer of hers each time I come in contact with her. She is a good, kind, smart woman doing good things in the world and the world could use a few more of them. I particularly appreciate her devotion to helping women in less developed countries by giving away a portion of their proceeds.

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Photos by Jessica Peterson 

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Dress the rainbow + Style / Tuesday, 11 Aug 2015

Day 35 of Dress The Rainbow

Light blue with Caitlin Boyes

Day 35 of Dress The Rainbow with Caitlin of Modern Colorist. Light blue is so soothing, isn’t it? I think it might be a color that works on everyone, right?!

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Dress the rainbow + Style / Monday, 10 Aug 2015

Day 34 of Dress The Rainbow

mintrainbow 2

Day 34 of Dress The Rainbow in mint!

If you’re just joining in on Dress the Rainbow, read up about it here and join in by posting a photo against a colorful background and tagging it with #DressTheRainbow. Every entry is entered to win a $500 gift card to Asos.

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Dress the rainbow + Style / Sunday, 9 Aug 2015

Day 33 of Dress The Rainbow

Merrilee Liddiard of Mer Mag

Day 33 of Dress The Rainbow in light teal with Merrilee Liddiard of Mer Mag, illustrator (of this adorable flower), kids crafter extraordinaire, blogger. Here’s the thing about Merrilee. You’d never know it by the initial meeting because she’s so humble, but Merrilee knows everything. When I need sound design advice, I go to Mer. When I need technical advice info to Mer. When I need hair/make up advice I also go to Mer. She knows everything! Even things you wouldn’t expect. Aside from that her knowledge of everything, she’s a great friend with fun kids, a beautiful house, kind heart, a huge imagination, and a pure love of making beautiful things. If you’re unfamiliar with her work, get to know it! And stay tuned for her line of dolls this fall!

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Dress the rainbow + Style / Saturday, 8 Aug 2015

Day 32 of Dress The Rainbow

Dress the Rainbow in teal with calligrapher Melissa Esplin

Day 32 of Dress the Rainbow in teal with talented calligrapher, Melissa Esplin. I’ve long admired Melissa’s stellar lettering work, but the amazing thing about her is that she’s not only talented there, but she’s a great sewer too and her website features work from both her fashion DIYs and printable calligraphy downloads. She also teaches calligraphy classes online. Check out her work and classes here! And check out her Instagram series, #CalligraphyNameOftheDay

And, as luck would have it, Melissa knows how to do many poses including this wall/hand stance. I was a total novice, but she’s perfected it 😉

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