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Dress the rainbow + Style / Saturday, 8 Aug 2015

Day 31 of Dress the Rainbow

Aubrey Nelson, hair painter

Day 31 of Dress the Rainbow in green/blue with my dear friend Aubrey Nelson, who you might recognize as the woman behind my blonde, white, pink, and now green/blue locks of recent times and the painted hairs of many other lovely ladies. For this shoot she had visions of beautifully painted green and blue wigs, because, turns out, wigs come on and off. Who knew?! And they don’t damage your hair! And you can cut it to any style you choose. I think I’m going to start wearing wigs on a regular basis.

Funny story, Paul is in NYC for the summer and when I showed him the picture his natural reaction was to ask if I cut my hair. “Yes,” I told him. “Did you color your hair?” Yes, I told him. “What do you think about it?” I asked. Expecting him to find it not suitable, he surprised me by saying how much he LOVED it. Like, really loved it. Like, he would want it to be permanent.

And that, my friends, is why we make a great time 🙂

Aside from pioneering hair painting, Aubrey is one of the most tender hearted and generous souls I know. She has some fun projects coming at us in the next few months and you must stay tuned to hear all about it. Follow her on Instagram here.

And thank you to Jessica Peterson who works magic with that camera.

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Dress the rainbow + Style / Thursday, 6 Aug 2015

Day 30 of Dress the Rainbow

Dress the rainbow

Day 30 of Dress the Rainbow in dark green.

Come join the Dress the Rainbow movement! 

Shop Olive Green below!

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Dress the rainbow + Style / Wednesday, 5 Aug 2015

Day 29 of Dress the rainbow

Dress the rainbow army green

Day 29 of Dress the rainbow in army green with Caitlin Watson Boyes of Modern Colorist.

If you’re new to Dress The Rainbow, every day for 50 days I’m dressing in a shade of the rainbow against the same background color with some friends who have joined in with me. I’ve invited you to participate too and have the chance to win a $500 gift card to Asos. All you have to do is find a wall, wear the same color, take a pic, and tag it with #DressTheRainbow on Instagram. The winner will be chosen at the end.

Have you located your wall color? That’s the fun part! Keep your eyes peeled!

Dress Army Green below!

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Dress the rainbow + Style / Tuesday, 4 Aug 2015

Day 28 of Dress the rainbow

Dress the rainbow with Alma Loveland

Day 28 of Dress the rainbow in emerald green with Alma Loveland. If you’ve been following Lars you will have seen her name pop up over the last couple of years. Alma is the genius illustrator and creative of Ollibird, Captain Sillypants, Get Word Wise, Caravan Shoppe, and Woven Pear in addition to teaching Adobe Illustrator and pattern making on Atly . Yes, she heads all of those companies AND has three kids. AND, whenever I text her at midnight to save me on a project, she is happy to help. If I could have an ounce of Alma’s stamina and good spirits, I would consider my life a success. I’m grateful to call her my friend.

Shop Emerald Green below…

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Dress the rainbow + Style / Monday, 3 Aug 2015

First 27 days of Dress the Rainbow

full 27 days

My favorite part about this project is the full color spectrum emerging. Just WAIT until you see the full rainbow!

See all the posts here and join in on Instagram and enter to win a $500 shopping spree for you and a friend with Cents of Style here.