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craft the rainbow + Life / Thursday, 5 Apr 2018

Craft the Rainbow launch party and workshop

Craft the Rainbow launch party

We can’t release a new book and not celebrate in true Lars fashion, now can we? It’s PARTY time! And party we will! The book comes out April 24th (available for pre-order here!) and we’ll be celebrating with a release party, workshop, and book signing at West Elm in Salt Lake City on Thursday, April 26th.


We’ll be hosting a workshop of one of my favorite crafts in the book, the paper brooch inspired by Gucci, and setting up shop with an opulent “Brooch Bar.” Get your tickets from the link below to sign-up for the workshop from 6-7pm. Ticket prices include the workshop, a Craft the Rainbow book, food, and stellar swag. They are limited so you’ll want to jump on it ASAP!


What’s to follow the workshop? A party for everyone–no ticket needed! I’ll be signing books (available for purchase at a discount!), there will be amazing rainbow-inspired spread from the lovely ladies of Ramblin’ Rose Cafe, awesome swag from our fantastic partners, and partying from 7-9pm in full rainbow splendor. Please come dressed in your favorite color or rainbow attire, of course! We want to see the full rainbow in attendance!

We couldn’t be more excited to share this special time with you guys! It has been a long journey and we are so thrilled for the publishing of Craft the Rainbow and for all of you guys to enjoy it as much as we do! See you there!


Craft the Rainbow Workshop, Book signing party

West Elm, City Creek Center
Thursday, April 26th
6-7 Workshop (tickets required)
7-9 Book signing and party (tickets NOT required)
Come dressed in your favorite color or rainbow attire!

Purchase your tickets for the workshop, book included here

Purchase your tickets for the workshop, no book included here!

RSVP for the book signing here!

Life / Thursday, 15 Mar 2018

Craft the Rainbow is available for pre-orders!

Craft the Rainbow by Brittany Jepsen

You see that book in the flesh? It’s real! Let the games begin! I’m so so thrilled to announce that Craft the Rainbow: 40 Colorful Paper Projects from The House that Lars Built, our huge labor of love/book that’s been in the works for years/I can’t believe the time has finally arrived, is now available for pre-order! Hallelujah! I just received my copy and it’s GORGEOUS! It’s as smooth as buttah with gorgeous gold leaf engraving and creamy pages. You guys, I agonized over every single page of this book down to the ribbon used in the binding. Sadly, I’m not joking. It’s thrilling to see it all come to life and reveal it to the world!

The book officially comes out April 24th, but listen, I’ve got a secret to tell you: you’re going to want to buy it on pre-order NOW because we have the best pre-order gift in the history of pre-order gifts. We’ve teamed up with Angela Liguori of Studio Carta, the beautiful Italian ribbon and accessories shop from Italy, to offer you her famous Florentine scissors FOR FREE! It’s a $32 pair of scissors absolutely free if you order our book between now and April 24th, for US residents only.

BUT, there’s a special way to order it and I don’t want you to miss out on doing it correctly so listen up!

Learn how to receive your pre-order gift below!

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Life / Friday, 12 Jan 2018

Introducing…Craft the Rainbow

Craft the Rainbow book by Brittany Jepsen

It’s no secret we’ve been steadily working on a book while simultaneously producing a full month of content every month (or nearly every month–yes, it was a doozy of a year!). But what has been secret is the theme and the name. Today I’m so pleased to finally reveal the name of the book: Craft the Rainbow: 40 Colorful Paper Projects from The House That Lars Built as well as share with you the cover! Here she is in all her glory. But you know what? Don’t let that black font deceive you. Oh no no no. The final version has gold leaf galore and is suped up. It’s beautiful. Trust me.

Based on our popular hashtag #CraftTheRainbow (and check out our Instagram handle dedicated to it) started nearly 4 years ago now (you can read more about it here), Craft the Rainbow book features 9 chapters divided by color including a chapter solely dedicate to rainbow crafts, because if there’s anything I’ve learned in the last four years, it’s that everybody loves looking at color arranged in rainbow order. And this book is my ode to color. It’s a celebration of it and how to use it successfully in your own making. And, it’s not bad to look at, if I do say so myself 😉

When is it out?

April 24 is the official release date and we’ll be announcing the pre-order date soon, complete with freebies galore!

BUT! In the meantime, we’re looking to celebrate with some pre-launch festivities for some of our favorite readers, you in particular. Yes, that means you! And you! And you! And even you over there. It’s an all-inclusive party that you won’t want to miss out on. Over the next few months until the release, we are hosting this special team over on a closed Facebook group. This group will have access to sneak peeks of the book, giveaways for amazing prizes, discount codes to awesome brands, and weekly challenges to join the Craft the Rainbow movement! These will be exclusive offers to the members of the Facebook group, but we want everyone to benefit, so make sure to join in on the fun! The more the merrier! Read on →

craft the rainbow + Design + Projects / Friday, 14 Nov 2014

Craft the rainbow results

About 30 days ago on a whim, I decided to start an Instagram project called Craft the Rainbow where every day I would post a picture of craft supplies in shades of the rainbow. It started out just for fun to see 1) how much junk I had in my closet 2) If I could make my junk look pretty somehow 3) Make beautiful things. Because that’s my ultimate goal with everything I do: make beautiful things. Well, what started out as a whim turned into so much more. I invited people to join me and along the way I saw incredible posts of ordinary things turned into extraordinary things. By the end of the 30 days there were over 2100 posts with the hashtag #crafttherainbow. One person wrote that this project gave her some hope during some sick days and allowed her to go through her grandmother’s closet looking for things to create with. I was humbled by how much of an impact a simple project could play. Making beautiful things can change lives. 
I’m going to continue the project as a fun thing to do and invite you to join in the fun as well. Just create an image and post it to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and tag it with #CrafttheRainbow. Easy squeezy.
So, without further adieu, I thought I’d share the posts that I created for the 30 days in order of how many “likes” they received on Instagram

Color + giveaway / Tuesday, 14 Oct 2014


We’re taking a break from Halloween and talking important issues: color. As you are probably aware, I have a thing for color that manifests itself into nearly everything I do. In fact, the cop who pulled me over today noticed my brightly colored accessories. Ummm, thanks for noticing? And, does that mean you’re gonna let me go?

No, it didn’t mean he let me go. But that’s another topic for another day.

To celebrate color, I started a little project on Instagram called #CraftTheRainbow where for the next 30 days (well, 28 days now) I’ll be sharing craft projects that complete a rainbow. So far it’s been a ball! Sadly, I do have enough craft supplies to complete many many rainbows so this allows me to actually remember what I’ve acquired and notice how beautiful things can be when placed in the right context.

I’m inviting you to join in on the rainbow action by taking a picture of your your crafty rainbows and tagging it with #CraftTheRainbow. Every time you post you are entered to win a fabulous goody bag of colorful craft supplies. Oooooo, it’s too good!

Go check it out here