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christmas + Design + gift guides + holiday / Monday, 1 Dec 2014

Christmas decor for your home

Tell me! How was your Thanksgiving weekend? I was home for the weekend getting to know my little new niece, Wynne. Oh man, that sweet little thing is nourishment for the soul.

The holidays are fully on my mind and I’m dreaming of a colorful, whimsical Christmas. Here are some of my favorite choices to decorate the home for the holidays. Wouldn’t a pink tree be so rad?! I like to mix it up with a healthy dose of color intermixed with some more neutral elements like white lights. It keeps it from looking too gaudy. Colorful bulbs on a colorful tree would be especially rad.

How are you decorating for the holidays???

  1. Zig zig stocking (love the texture!)
  2. Wishing star pom garland (wouldn’t this be beautiful on a tree or on a mantle?!)
  3. Blue and silver ribbed onion ornament
  4. Mercury glass globe wreath
  5. Clear bistro lights
  6. Fresh cedar star wreath
  7. Geometric wooden ornaments
  8. Glass globe ornament in such gorgeous colors
  9. Warm white faceted lights
  10. Colorful sisal trees (so sweet on a mantle or centerpiece)
  11. Wishbone ornament
  12. Miniature rainbow bulb set (perfect for #crafttherainbow, eh?!)
  13. String of lights (ON SALE!)
  14. Adorable mushroom sculptures
  15. Jade glass globe 
  16. Sisal swan ornament
  17. Felt mistletoe
  18. Gold glass spire tree topper
  19. Pink Christmas tree (WANT!)
  20. Copper tree skirt (So classy. I love this option over a fabric tree skirt).

DIY + halloween + Party + This week / Friday, 31 Oct 2014

Happy Halloween!

Well, anyone else exhausted from Halloween and the day has only begun? With all the costumes that went on here on the blog over the past month or so, Paul and I still don’t have some for tonight. That’s the life of a crafter I suppose. I admit that I do like the challenge of putting something together last minute. Let’s see if I’m up for it after all. Right now I just feel like staying cozy in my Mary Engelbreit sweatshirt with my green smoothie.

This week on Lars: 
Tongue Twister Halloween costumes (I love our She sells seashells one!)
Animal headwraps part 1
Animal headwraps part 2
Camille Styles’ book is out now! 
Today is the last day to enter the Winter Water Factory giveaway!
Ghost tablecloth

Loving these Halloween ideas:
These costumes with balloons
Glazed donut pumpkin seeds
Spooky Pie Pops
WOW! Make your own harvest table for under $80!
These adorable pumpkin buckets

Lars elsewhere this week: 
Every house needs some of these
5 clever ways to hang theses
I made some cherry pumpkins for Design*Sponge 

Must sees/reads:
I know I’m WAY behind (274 million views late), but this video is mesmerizing and I can’t get it out of my head. So gorgeous. 
Living in Hocus Pocus
How to create a great storyboard
#Crafttherainbow continues on Instagram! 

Don’t forget! The 3rd Annual Halloween Costume contest goes until Tuesday! See here for deets

The photo above is from my Instagram. I made a pumpkin family like last year’s DIY collaboration (see here). Thank you Oh Joy for the sweet mini party hats. We’re clearly loving her new Target line. And her winter collection is out now

Life + This week / Sunday, 26 Oct 2014

This week

Make a horizontal striped pumpkin.

This week I did some experimenting with some alternative ways to craft a pumpkin. Independently from on another, Ashley, who helps me out a lot with projects, and I came up with horizontal stripes. I love how it turned out! You simply find two pumpkins in a similar size (turns out, it’s really hard to do!) and cut them in cross sections. The white pumpkin was a cinch to cut but the orange wasn’t so friendly to me. I ended up using a small little sharp knife versus a large knife, so I could really dig in.

Other than that, #CraftTheRainbow continues strong on Instagram. If you haven’t seen it, I started a 30 days of crafting the rainbow where every day I post supplies that form a rainbow and so many people have joined in! It’s been so fun seeing the submissions come in. Every time you post you’re entered to win a supply of colorful materials. And there are some GOOD prizes! Pop on over to Instagram for more @houselarsbuilt . Speaking of contests, I’m hosting the 3rd Annual Costume Contest. Read here for more details.

And thank you to everyone who participated in the 9 for Novogratz giveaway. It was such a great loot and I’m pleased to announce that Rachel is the winner. She will be contacted by email. Stay tuned for some more awesome giveaways this week and leading up to Christmas!

This week on Lars:
How to throw a Tortured Artist Halloween party. 
Trisha made the cutest stop motion video to show the new pink walls in the house
Make some projects with succulents!
Georgia O’Keefe costume recipe
The 3rd Annual Halloween costume contest
Birth of Venus Halloween costume recipe
Printable name tags perfect for a Halloween event

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8 rad gift wrap ideas
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Use reclaim wood in your space

Must sees/reads:
I love how Design*Sponge is paying homage to the rooms inspired by Wednesday Adams
Love this mummy idea from Oh Happy Day
The best shop recently opened in SLC called Bohem and it has an online shop too! The best textiles and furniture that the owners design with artisans in India.
Congrats to Twig Creative on their new line of toys! 
These wood burned trays from Brittni at Paper & Stitch are rad!

Photo from my Instagram feed

Costumes + Crafts + DIY + halloween + Party + Projects / Monday, 29 Sep 2014

Marie Antoinette costume recipe

Make a Marie Antoinette paper wig and make up tutorial
The ghoulish games continue with another costume idea for you: Marie Antoinette. Marie Antoinette is a perfect dress up option if you’re into decadence and going over the top, which, of course, we are. This costume, along with the rest that we’ll be showing has at least one DIY component to it. Here, it’s obviously the dress. Ha! Wouldn’t that be amazing?! No, it’s the paper wig and the make-up tutorial. Much simpler! I had a ball creating this wig. See the full instructions below on how to make it.
Marie Antoinette paper wig and make up tutorial
Marie Antoinette costume recipe
The recipe for this one is simple if you’re willing to spend some moo-lah on renting a costume or lots of time creating a dress. We worked with Hale Theater Archive Costumes, which has an amazing selection of costumes and props. Paul and I also rented costumes from them for a Jane Austen ball we attended earlier this ear and they were wonderful to work with.
Marie Antoinette paper wig and make up tutorial
crafting and art direction by Brittany Jepsen
make-up by Rubie Huber

This post is sponsored by the Hale Theater Costume Department. If you’re local and wanting amazing costumes, go there! And they’re amazing to work with! 

how to make a Marie Antoinette paper wig
Materials: cardboard, white paper (office should be fine, but I used a slightly thicker paper), craft knife, glue gun, crepe paper (for flower), paint (for feather)
  1. Cut a strip of cardboard against the grain of the cardboard. I cut mine about 1 1/2″ thick and measured it to the size of my head (see above). Glue it together.
  2. Next I cut out the same thickness of strips and glued one on one side of the circle and over to the other side.
  3. Start constructing a frame by adding in more strips around the circumference of the circle.
  4. Cut strips of white paper however thick you want for the “hair.” I started out with thin paper, like 1/2″, but it took a lot of time so I re-cut them to 1″ thick and the process was much faster.
  5. Glue one strip of paper on the circumference of the circle and then glue it at the top of the crown. This will give you better control over the shape of the “hair.”
  6. Slightly overlap each strand of hair.
  7. Keep on going until it’s all filled in.
  1. Cut thin strips of paper about 1/4″ thick. 
  2. Using the edge of your scissors, curl it like you would gift wrapping ribbon. Easy squeezy!
  3. Glue these pieces to the edge of your circle. 
  1. Do the same process as the fringe but use a strip that’s about 1″ thick. I glued a few of the loops together so that it wouldn’t pull as much.
  1. Use this template for the feather shape.
  2. Cut it out on cardstock.
  3. Paint it with grey and then fine black lines.

This one is really simple make-up-wise. You just want to start with a plain white face paint base.  I mixed Mehron FX with a bit of liquid foundation so it wasn’t so stark white, but any range works.  Apply with a make up sponge so you can get it pretty even around the entire face.  

You don’t want any contouring, just some super pink cheeks!  I like stick or liquid blush better than powder for this.  Smear some on the back of your hand and then blend it in big oval swoops across the apples of her cheeks.  Don’t let them get too circular, or you start entering doll realm. 

Eyes tend to vanish in this pale white painted face, so I used a very liquid, very precise black eyeliner just on the top lashline.  You don’t want it bold, just as close to the lashes as possible.  My trick is pulling on the outer corner of the eye to tighten the skin, it makes it easier to make a straight, thin line.  

To be (possibly) historically accurate, paint the lips a very straightforward red since I doubt Marie Antoinette had access to the rainbow of reds we can find at your local grocery store.  To apply, use a small brush if you can, it helps you make more defined edges than just straight from the stick.