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Projects + valentine's day / Friday, 12 Feb 2016

Bedazzled Valentine’s tote bags

Bedazzled lips gem stone tote bag

We’ve been super inspired by Stella McCartney’s 2014 resort collection featuring embellishments of lips and hearts this Valentine’s Day. In particular, this dress has been weighing on my mind:Stella McCartney lips dress

SO! We decided to create our own bedazzled lips and heart tote bags out of gem stones on tote bags. They’d make a sweet Valentine’s Day gift! See below for the full tutorial!

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Projects + valentine's day / Thursday, 11 Feb 2016

Snapchat valentines

Print your own snapchat valentinesNow’s as good of a time as any to proclaim my love for Snapchat, or “The Snaps” as I like to call it. Up until I started to use it a few months ago I had only heard terrible things about it. Like it’s for teens to take nakkie photos of themselves. BUT, like all forms of social media, adults have slowly started to realize the joys of it and have latched on. And immediately, the teenagers skiped town (but maybe not. Paul just sent me this article. Ha! I think because he’s mostly ashamed of my antics). Whereas Instagram is a place for beautiful pictures, Snapchat is a place for not pretty pics ie: my hair when I wake up. To me, it’s my “safe place” for dancing, singing, karaoking, rambling, and showing you the goings on in the world of Lars. I say “safe place” because I don’t actually believe that people watch my videos, though I know they do, so I tend to act in a way that I don’t think anyone is watching. As they say “dance like no one’s watching” and on Snapchat, I do.  Read on →

collaborations + Projects + valentine's day / Thursday, 11 Feb 2016

Full House Valentines

Full House valentines

I was a full-fledged member of the Full House club. I think I can quote every episode by heart. You can imagine I might be somewhat interested in the Full House revival, Fuller House, new on Netflix. Mind you, I’m interested and yet totally frightened what might take place. Will it be just as cheesy? Let’s hope so! Just as didactic? Let’s pray! Please don’t change a single thing about it! And please let Uncle Jesse have a full head of hair still. I hear Michelle will not be making an appearance though (are we surprised?!).

To celebrate, we made some free printable Full House valentines illustrated by Lexi Nilson. We have Uncle Jesse saying “Have mercy!” and “Talk to me”, Michelle with her “You’re in big trouble, mister”, Stephanie’s “Hot dog!” and DJ’s “You’re no nerd bomber”.
Uncle Jesse valentineMichelle Tanner Full House Valentine

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printable + Projects + valentine's day / Thursday, 11 Feb 2016

Salvation Mountain valentines

free printable valentines

It’s down to the wire now! How are your Valentines plans? We’ve got you covered for free printable valentines. In fact, we have three coming atcha today! But one you’ll have to sign up for our newsletter to get it. (Sign up on the top right of the blog!).

We are clearly inspired by Salvation Mountain and the wonderfully bright and kitsch aesthetic of it all. (Evidence #1, #2, #3) and thought their message of love was perfect for this month of love. These free printable Valentine cards are perfect for sending your peace and love to your Valentine’s sweetheart (or flower child). Once again, Caitlin knocked it out of the park with these front and back patterned cards. Just print them on cardstock and you’re good to go!

free printable valentinesfree printable valentines

Get the free printables below! 

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